Dad's Army - Series 1 & 2 plus lost episodes - £4.65 delivered @ Tesco Ent using code

Dad's Army - Series 1 & 2 plus lost episodes - £4.65 delivered @ Tesco Ent using code

Found 5th Jun 2010
Classic TV comedy from the Home Guards at Walmington-On-Sea who are both bumbling and ineffectual as well as incompetent which makes life chaotic for all around! Originally transmitted in 1968 (and recently voted no.4 in Britain's Best Sitcom), this DVD release contains all of the first series followed by the surviving episodes of the second series. Unfortunately the other three instalments remain missing and presumed lost forever...

Episodes from Series 1:

The Man And The Hour: the men get together to form the Home Guard following a radio broadcast.

Museum Piece Capt Mainwaring looks for guns for his men in the local museum!

Command Decision A Captain comes offering guns if he can take command of the platoon.

Enemy Within The Gates Capt. Mainwaring gives a lecture on the recognition of enemy agents when he learns there is a reward for every Nazi captured...

The Showing Up Of Cpl. Jones The platoon members finally get their uniforms and Cpl. Jones attempts an assault course...

Shooting Pains A shooting contest arranged to see who will form the honour guard when the Prime Minister pays a visit.

Series 2 episodes are:

Operation Kilt The platoon being attacked by the Highland Regiment!

The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage The platoon leap into action and take over poor Godfrey's cottage to set up a machine post.

Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret Sgt. Wilson overhears a conversation which implies that he might be the father of an expected child but, as usual, he gets the wrong end of the stick.


Just remember these episodes are in black & white.

Ah, yes.... happy days.... mind you, we've got Little Britain and Russell Brand now so all's well....
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