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3.5L Daewoo Stainless Steel Slow Cooker -- £14.99 @ Farmfoods Ilford

In store: London · FarmFoods Deals
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    Good price for what it is. A pressure cooker will be way more energy efficiency though, although the upfront cost will be higher. You might want to do some calculation to decide which one suits you better depending on how much you cook and what your rate is.
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    In my experience pressure cookers are just better. Slow cooker takes bloody forever.... Really liked the idea of being able to make meals by something that takes the power of an incandescent bulb! But in the couple of times I've tried it doesn't do it in the hours stated.... From Instagram pages I follow. Maybe I just have a crap slow cooker
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    If you can't get this one there is a identical one (different badge) on ASDA for 1 buck more (free C&C).

    I don't know about the difference of 0.5L, I have the ASDA one and they look identical.
    Here (edited)