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Posted 7 December 2022

Daewoo 8ltr Dual Zone Family Sized Air Fryer £99.99 Instore (Nationwide) @ Farmfoods

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Seems to be the same as this Amazon description

HEALTHY COOKING - Cook with little or no oil, meaning you can have crispy, tasty chips and chicken with reduced fat
HUGE CAPACITY - The double 4 litre cooking drawers give a huge 8 litre total capacity, perfect for cooking full meals, or meals for all the family. With smart Sync cooking function to match the cooking times between drawers
8 COOKING FUNCTIONS - With specialist functions for cooking everything from fries and chips, roasting meats, seafood, chicken, dehydrating fruit and veg, even baking and cooking pizzas. With Synch Finish and dual cooking features to make use of both drawers
VERSATILE - Fry, bake, roast, and dehydrate everything from meats, fish, chips, vegetables, even cakes, pastries and pizza!
SAFETY FEATURES - Including a non-stick coating, auto-shut off, over-heat protection, with a child safety lock system


This 8 litre Daewoo air fryer is ideal for cooking all your favourite foods in a quick and healthy way. It features two paired 4 litre cooking drawers, meaning it has huge capacity, making it perfect for cooking for all the family, and big enough that you can even share cooking time between main and side. The air fryer includes features for Sync Finish and Dual Cooking, meaning you can match the end time so your food is ready at the same time. The rapid air circulation means you can create thoroughly cooked food with a crispy texture, with little or no oil, meaning your meals are healthy and tasty. It's versatile too, as well as crispy chips and fries, you can cook chicken, fish, vegetables, even cake.
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    Ordered this a few months ago from Daewoo directly for £119.99. received topcashback of £19 within a month. Very good fryer so far. Highly recommend
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    I suppose you could use the voucher and save further £9... obviously you will need to add something small to get to £100
    What's the voucher?
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    Just got one from Bury, Greater Manchester. None on the shop floor, had to ask but the staff were more than happy to grab one from the back. Got it for just under £93 with vouchers!
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    What's the festive equivalent of a wild goose chase? 🎅
    Seems Farmfoods have had plenty in stock today. Not like the pathetic Aldi debacle a few weeks back. Still in stock in some stores, as evidenced below, so gotta give them credit for not creating a frenzied goose chase and actually having stock.

    We have to bear in mind as well, they never advertised the deal. They damn well should have, it would have got tonnes of extra footfall, but they didn't they probably knew it would cause issues for customers and staff despite having what seems like a fair amount of stock, had they pre-advertised it. You can imagine the queue outside the door, plus imagine if the stock deliveries were delayed!

    And people have been using the £9 off £100 spend voucher they give out (I thought they may have restricted that for non-food purchases). Honest family run business from Scotland with honest sales tactics playing fair with customers IMHO. Unlike ze Germans (edited)
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    Thanks OP, just got one for £90.99,(with 79p aero bar to take it over £100 for voucher) dinner cooking in it as we speak, many thanks to @everypennycounts for their help.
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    For anyone looking to get one in nuneaton, they still have them in stock. Got 1 for myself and another for my parents. Staff mentioned there are more in the back. However, I did not get the quantity from them.
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    Bought one of these today and it broke before I even managed to get it home (well, the handle on the box snapped as I was carrying it).

    Washed the trays and fired it up this evening and it seemed to work fine doing a synced cook with both sides in action. Good job I checked on how the frozen chips were doing, as I set the timer for the recommended 20 minutes but they seemed to be fully done after only 17. (edited)
    I found they were done nice and crispy in mine, along with some chicken nuggets, in 12 minutes!! These are frozen fries. Been a while since I had crispy thighs since I got rid of the deep fat fryer!

    Cooked at 200 degrees then for the last few minutes I lowered it to 160 to prevent any burning just incase as getting used to it. (edited)
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    In stock in Northampton
    Feel like sending this image across to Aldi Muppets and advising them this is what having stock of a promotion is supposed to look like (edited)
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    Thanks OP voted HOT 🔥 Got ours at Barnsley store....5 left near tills... Plus got £10 off with vouchers (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Just bought one. Had them next to the tills at the nelson store
  11. Avatar
    Are these nationwide or just Blackpool
    Just got one from yeovil, plenty in stock
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    If it's the one mentioned as the same as the amazon one - 1700W? Is that good as its more efficient, or is it likely to be a bit underpowered? Most dual basket ones few seem seem to be closer to 2500W
    Sorry, I didn't get the product number. I'm only guessing it's the same as the Amazon page I've linked. I didn't know there were 2 models that look the same
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    Crosshands store have these in stock but are kept in the stock room , just bought two of them . Llanelli store are having a delivery today. Go to farmfoods on Google and enter your email and you'll receive vouchers sent by email . I had £7 off the £99.99 price instore 10 minutes ago .
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    One staff member said they havent had their delivery yet and couldnt say when it was. Another one said i was too late it was just a “stock clearance” a few weeks ago and its finished.
    No they are only n this week not two weeks ago we have a full pallet at ashton under lyne 
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    Will try again tomorrow. Feeling hopeful reading all the other comments
    Do you have more than one Farmfoods near you? Most of them are open until 8 you could call them and see, I've always found staff in Farmfoods to be helpful if they have one they may be happy to put one aside for you if you're going to buy it tonight/first thing tomorrow
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    Any appropriate silicone liners?
    48994930-Kedn7.jpgI've bought these ones from Amazon. Checked basket size etc so hoping I've got correct ones lol
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    Brilliant price, especially in the current scarcity of supply of these things. Great that Farmfoods are stocking dual air fryers, should help bring prices down.

    Heat added. (edited)
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    Magic 🔥 been looking for ages had two orders cancelled from another company. Never seen my local Farmfoods with electrical goods so have them a call they just took delivery this morning. Went online and signed up for there newsletter I guess but got two voucher codes and go it down to £92.99 massive heat 🔥 from me
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    Still in stock in Birkenhead.

    I'm not convinced by these but though at that price I'll girl it a whirl. £9 off voucher as well

    Strange how Aldi marketed the hell out of theirs, then sent about 2 to each store, to dupe people into visiting the store on a wild goose chase, Farmfoods keep hush hush and have at least 1x pallet per store! Just goes to show really doesn't it. (edited)
    Not only that but Aldi are saying online that you can buy theirs in store for £44.99! 😡😡😡😡 As if!!
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    Any in Gravesend store?
    Called the store this morning and they confirmed they had about 6 or 7 in stock. Popped down and picked one up today, looks good

    Also used my £7 off vouchers so got it for under £93 (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Currently in Tondu, bridgend there’s loads
    Aldi really should take note that's proper stock
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    Just picked up one from Preston, (Strand Road), store. Not out on shop floor. Had to ask a young lad who brought one out of the store room.
    The Blackpool store just had empty boxes and they got them from the back.
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    Spotted four in the Banbury, Oxfordshire store yesterday if that helps anyone.
  24. Avatar
    Plenty in the Torquay store.
  25. Avatar
    Great deal OP
  26. Avatar
    11 at Littlehampton…
  27. Avatar
    Just got one with £9 off £100 spend voucher with a packet of malteesers
    Which store and did they have many left? (edited)
  28. Avatar
    If anyone is near Aylesbury, there is still 4 left in the store
  29. Avatar
    Plenty in Llanelli
  30. Avatar
    Thanks OP - picked one up in Long Eaton this morning when there were still a few left
  31. Avatar
    There was about 6 left in Luton store located in the town centre
  32. Avatar
    Plenty in the Bridgwater store this morning, behind the checkouts on a pallet

  33. Avatar
    Is there any spotted in Stafford? I'll try my luck today
  34. Avatar
    Plenty in Wrekenton store, Gateshead - they're behind the tills on the left when you walk in (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Farmfoods Chelmsford have some still now
  36. Avatar
    Still some in the Bridgwater store today also the smaller £39 one
  37. Avatar
    Ilford. I used £9 of vouchers on £111 spend.49054078-VCzUx.jpg
  38. Avatar
    Used this quite a bit now would definitely recommend. Plastic smell did last quite a few uses but has gone now.
  39. Avatar
    Anyone confirm these have these in there locals ?
    We have them in Spennymoor Co Durham
  40. Avatar
    Can't get down tonight, hopefully have them in tomorrow
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