Daewoo KOR8A0R 23 Litre 800 watt Touch Control Solo Microwave Oven, Black £39.99 delivered @ Amazon

Daewoo KOR8A0R 23 Litre 800 watt Touch Control Solo Microwave Oven, Black £39.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 1st Sep 2010Made hot 1st Sep 2010
This microwave is fantastic value,i own it and it looks great and performs flawlessly,if it was three times this price it would still be decent value,great reviews from buyers and free Amazon delivery.

Product Features and Technical Details
Product Features
Microwave Oven Type Countertop.
Concave Reflex System: A More Efficient Emission Of Microwaves Ensures Food Is Cooked More Quickly And Evenly.
Acrylic Cavity: Easy To Clean Durable And Rust-proof.
Timer: Sets Exact Times For Cooking Or Reminders.
Child Lock: Prevents Accidental Operation By Children.
23Lt Capacity Concave Reflex System
Dual Wave System
Autocook Menu
Auto Defrost
Kitchen Timer Function
Child Safety lock
Technical Details

800W Microwave Output
10 Power Levels


thanks mate have ordered one hope they are better then the cars they make!


thanks mate have ordered one hope they are better then the cars they make!

I have had this, or maybe the previous model, it looks the same anyway, for 2 years and i am happy with it.

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Well it looks better than their cars and that's a fact!!,when you unbox it and plug it in you will wonder how they can do it for the price,looks lush.


thanks mate have ordered one hope they are better then the cars they make!

Can vouch for it being good, although you can't see what you're cooking through the dark window (why the light, then ?) I thought I peeled off the inside, but no. Outside ? No there too.
Only thing I don't like about this microwave.

I have this microwave and paid £65 from ASDA for it (it was on sale then!). This is a great price. Great microwave, no annoyance about it really

ive had a daewoo micro for about 7 years. no issues with it at all.

Just bought it, thanks OP

needed a cheap microwave

Bought this two weeks ago and fantastic price for a fantastic microwave. Absolute bargain!!!

Great microwave, have had one for 5 months now.

Have been on the look out for a good, cheap microwave and this seems to fit the bill. Ordered. Cheers OP.

Great - been looking for a cheap new microwave for my brother - his 20yr old Sanyo is probably giving off radioactive contamination

is this a big size for a microwave?

Orderd this last time it was on here, still waiting for it to be deliverd, but sounds like a real bargain from the reviews on here and Amazon. Just hope i am not going to be one of those unfortunates that has a problem with delivery.

Great price, thanks for the tip.

Thanks was after this microwave but it was £54.99 yesterday, ordered today!

Well I hope it's better than their american fridge freezer. Have had to replace all the internal runners and shelf casings. Works ok though I suppose.

hmmm...i need a new microwave as the door on the old one is playing up but not sure if this would as good as my old one.

I bought this for a bit more off amazon about a month ago. No problems with it. Best thing is that it doesent take a degree in electronics to use it.

Bad point, i bought it and was going to mount it on a wall bracket but the rear feet dont match up with front feet.

Still, Hot Deal though.

this microwave was available in morrisons few weeks back... picked up from there @ £38.65

great microwave....

It's good this one has a handle to open it as I bought one with the shiny front like this (Sharp) and I'm never done cleaning the front as the fingerprints all over it look so dirty.....drives me nuts, only buy one with a handle, lesson learned!

Thanks OP... ordered

Mines on the Blink so I will look into this one. Looks a good price and Daewoo always seem to be good quality.

I don't think it looks that great. The handle looks cheesy and hard to clean. Fingerprint/splash magnet gloss black, and no number pad...

cheers op, ordered one earlier and already had the dispatch email

price is £54.99
so ill expire it for that reason

Back to £39.99 now

Eventualy got mine today. This is a Great Little Microwave, note that it is little microwave. If you go to comet/currys and look at the smaller microwaves this is that size.Saying that i can still fit a large plate inside but it is a close fit.I bought this as it is digital so when you set it for a minute it microwaves for a minute not like the manual one that sometimes only microwaved for 20 sec.It is also very very quiet compared to my previous microwave"Sharp"
I would recomend this to everyone.
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