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Posted 23 March 2023

Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer £39 from Amazon

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Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen "Air Fryer"
Extender ring
Oil bottle
Two mesh trays
Two racks
A tong
A stand for the lid

About this item 1300W POWER - This Daewoo halogen air fryer delivers a powerful 1300w output for a fast and efficient cooking while the air circulating technology allows for little or no oil to be used for healthier meals
  • UP TO 73% CHEAPER TO RUN**- Saving based on energy consumption £ per K/Wh when compared to an average 5000W Electric Oven
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Adjustable temperature control ensures your food is cooked correctly and perfectly. Variable temperature controls ranging from 125 to 250 degrees
  • SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION - To clean your air fryer simply fill with warm, soapy water, set to the self-clean function and watch it work - Nice and clean and ready to use for next time.

On a personal note, after owning five of these oven types, I have yet to find the "self-cleaning function" to be good enough, so have had to put the bowl in the dishwasher.

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  1. bazlindon's avatar
    I bought one of these years ago and they are massive. Also the glass bowl chipped round the edge within a couple of weeks.
    When its on it lights up the whole kitchen too with the halogen bulb.
    I`ve changed to the Asda Airfryer now and I think it cooks much better than this.
    pet2000's avatar
    You are right about the bright light. I had the old type with a non-halogen heating element, which I found much better. The element also survived when other part such as the fan failed after 7 years use. The halogen element will never last this long and is now the weak spot of these ovens. However I did buy one from Aldi for £30 a couple of months ago because it comes with a 3 years warranty. I don't expect it to last longer than that. I don't use use my oven any longer.
  2. john_6241's avatar
    Have one of these we bought years ago - used only a few times and like another post have now changed to an ASDA air fryer which we find is less obtrusive, and easier / quicker to use. These have a tremendously bright light that flicks on and off to heat it and the bowl itself gets red hot ! We found using the (Asda) air-fryer its a lot easier to take the basket out and give the food a quick shake and put back in to cook - where as these take up more room, wen you need to turn the food you have a red hot lid to find somewhere to put down ( we didn't get a lid stand with ours ?) whilst you turn / shake the food - losing a lot of heat in the meantime ?
  3. JayD_'s avatar
    The best £39 you will ever spend, cook a chicken or beef joint, oven chips, bacon, sausage. Hardly ever use the oven anymore, plus save money because you are only heating a small space.
    FlyingLlama's avatar
    Be interested to see the price difference between an halogen cooker like this and a normal air fryer, I expect this to cost way more to run?
  4. Joseph_Hardman's avatar
    I've used one of these almost exclusively to cook food as opposed to my gas oven for years.
    Cooks more quickly and no preheating required.
  5. skipraider's avatar
    I'm surprised they still make this design. Halogen elements don't last long.
    I suppose you get the party/disco light feature as a bonus though
  6. smudgerama's avatar
    Love my halogen oven.
    never chipped the bowl
    The bright light I found annoying, but then started sleeping in the bedroom not the kitchen!
    Ditto the thermostat clicking on and off.
    halogen bulb failed but replacement cost £8 from Amazon, as easy to change as 3 pin plug.
  7. dwattsy21's avatar
    Used one of these when we had a temp kitchen (reno eating our house). Does the job well. However, I wouldn't compare this to an air fryer. Not as fast, and not as efficient. No insulation for a start, you're heating your room with this beast. But... it is big enough to roast a full chicken, potatoes, veg etc, and does it well

    Surprised it's this much. Literally couldn't give ours away for a while. Reduced from 10 to 5 quid to free on facebay, took about a month for somebody to take it (edited)
  8. mrbloke's avatar
    Halogen? Do they not do an LED one nowadays for efficiency?
  9. PHL's avatar
    Bought this from Iceland for £35 about three years ago and still going.
  10. Ricjy1206's avatar
    Sorry for my stupidity but I thought halogen ovens and air fryers were different things. Perhaps I am wrong but I thought a halogen oven used a light bulb and infrared energy, while the air fryer uses coil and convection methods. 
    markgh's avatar
    They're just calling everything an air fryer now because it's the popular buzzword. It's like how electric fans all started getting called 'air circulators'.

    This is a halogen oven, which have been around for decades and have never been particularly popular.
  11. tsd1984's avatar
    I have this, it does cook really well but cleaning it is so much work that I quickly went back to my wok. If you have the patience it’s pretty good! Would be really good for someone who doesn’t have access to an oven.
  12. aharu381's avatar
    This looks the same as one I bought on Ebay under the Michael James 'brand'. Was total crap and would not recommend it! Like bazlindon said, it lights up the whole kitchen, rather than just the food below it. It also switched on and off constantly, which got annoying. Some brands (like Quest) don't light up as much horizontally, because they cover the bulb at the sides. I would suggest trying to get one of those halogen ovens instead.
  13. blumminhot's avatar
    Had one of these and used it for about a year when the oven packed up, and then pulled my finger out and replqced the heating element in the oven. It was OK but It takes up worktop space
  14. skipraider's avatar
    The Helpful Review Added by @AJ10 is for a " Size Name: 3.6 Ltr Air Fryer " it says.
    Which "works well, so far." it says

    This deal, however, is for a Deluxe 17L .....
  15. Maxim7750's avatar
    I've been using one of these for years they are great ovens,no pre heating and plenty of space
  16. taff_5's avatar
    Woah, is it 2014 again?
  17. TrolleyDolly18's avatar
    A good price for the whole kit (+ extender + oil spray bottle)
    No need to preheat (over the standard oven) is a major time saver, perfect for frozen pizza fer example, I even started to use it as a toaster (of baguettes) recently, worked a treat

    My Halogen has been going fer years. Yes, it can be a b ugger to clean, but putting foil in the bottom & slightly up the sides will make yer life easier.
    If I was to get another (I have a spare, brand new in store) I'd be tempted by the hinged type, but using the rack lid stand? it's no big deal.
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