Daewoo Set Top Box with Top Up TV + 80GB HDD Recorder - £70.44 delivered
Daewoo Set Top Box with Top Up TV + 80GB HDD Recorder - £70.44 delivered

Daewoo Set Top Box with Top Up TV + 80GB HDD Recorder - £70.44 delivered

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This Daewoo DSD9520 Set Top Box with Top Up TV + 80GB HDD Recorder is just £69.99 at Tecno. Use discount code: Tecno5 to get it for just £70.44 including delivery.

Description: This FreeView set to box gives you access to all free TV and Radio stations with the option to add a Top Up TV card for access to pay channels like Eurosport UK and Cartoon Network.

The 80GB Hard Disk Drive recorder allows up to 40 hours of recording without the need to buy tapes or discs and it's also possible to pause live TV programmes.


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[*][SIZE=1]Up to 40 hours recording time on the 80GB HDD [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]7 / 8-Day electronic programme guide (EPG) [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Top Up TV smart card reader [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Scart output to TV - Composite, RGB and S-video [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Phono audio out [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Optical digital audio out [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Dimensions WxHxD - 340x65x255mm [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Weight - 2.5kg[/SIZE][/LIST]

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Poor quality, 20 Dec 2006
Reviewer: A. Parkinson (Preston UK) - See all my reviews
The device locked out the surround system on our tv and gave no sound at all on one major channel. The sound we had was thin, tinny and low
The picture quality was also very very poor.
We followed all the set-up instructions but found no remedy for the shortcomings and poor results. This is a disappointing product

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Poor value for maney, 23 May 2006
Reviewer: Ian Stone (UK) - See all my reviews
*The audio levels are very low on both channels. Left & right.
*The disc drive is very noisy and audible above the progamme material.
*The audio has a permanent low frequency hum which is apparent above the comfortable volume setting. This is apparent both through the TV and the audio phono outputs. The right channel appears to be much worse than the left.
*The box gets confused at times and will lock temporarily and then power itself off.
*The program guide information screen on the lower channels which are ITV, BBC and Channel 4 & 5, ITV3 very often state that there is no information available and therefore there is no program guide.

Nice price but as I've said before on these cheap PVR's better to save up and get a good one.

now £68.94 delivered using code BOUNCE5

I have one of these, I have had it for about 6 months now, and yes the sound output is a bit thin, but otherwise it is fine, easy menu's, 7day EPG.

Good value for the money.

It was £64.95 when I bought mine from Tecno...delivered.
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