Daft Punk: Discovery (CD) - £2.99 @ Play

Daft Punk: Discovery (CD) - £2.99 @ Play

Found 9th Mar 2011Made hot 10th Mar 2011
Decent Price for this CD. Free Delivery.

Track List

One more time
Digital love
Harder better faster stronger
High life
Something about us
Veridis quo
Short circuit
Face to face
Too long


Excellent find - I love a bit of DP!

And so does my wife!

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It's also £2.99 at amazon but not too sure how p&p works. Everywhere is pretty expensive though.

Nice price.
For the video, it's worth checking out Interstella 5555 (eg YouTube) but I notice the DVD has crept up to £8.99 at the moment @ Play/Amazon. I thought I paid a lot when it was £8. The creeping price may possibly be a result of Tron L. interest.

brilliant album

Hot price, amazing album

Fildo Stronst

Excellent find - I love a bit of DP!And so does my wife!:{

I hope you're talking about Daft Punk and not the 'other' DP

Around the world's the only one I know by them, it was great - but made by the fantastic video which was very M.C. Escher (look up his wonderful art)

Love this album.

their alive 2007 album is on play at 3.99 aswel, sick album


I hope you're talking about Daft Punk and not the 'other' DP

That was his joke, hence the smilie. See?

Bargain for this top album (even though it borrows heavily from other artists' work).
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