Dai-Guard: The Complete Collection (6 Discs) - £17.99 (RRP: £59.99)
Dai-Guard: The Complete Collection (6 Discs) - £17.99 (RRP: £59.99)

Dai-Guard: The Complete Collection (6 Discs) - £17.99 (RRP: £59.99)

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And you thought your job was hard.

You know how it is. The alarm rings on a drab Monday morning. The subway is packed with people on their way to work. You walk in under the florescent lights and try to catch up with all the paperwork you have left over from the week before. Then your boss tells you that he needs you to finish filing the expense reports ASAP. Then the copier breaks down. The computer goes on the fritz! Then you can't find the Emergency Expenditure File! Then a horrible monster appears and tries to demolish half of Tokyo!


Join Akagi, Ibuki, and Aoyama as they battle their way through hordes of raging Heterodyne, a mysterious creature bent on destruction, and the Board of Directors, a slightly less mysterious but far more annoying foe. Find out what happens when the need to save the world from certain crushing has to be weighed against the rising cost of robot repair. Discover the horror of coming face to face with certain death...and the consequences of misplacing the insurance policy memo. Because the world of Dai Guard, the work day can begin with a busted fax machine and end with the loss of major metropolis.

The Dai Guard Perfect Collection contains the entire saga of the 21st Century Security Corporation and its endless crusade against raging beasts and corporate bureaucracy. Packed solid with amazing robo-combat and drop dead funny dialogue, The Dai Guard Perfect Collection is all the action and comedy you will need to get you through your work week.

Includes all 26 Earth-shattering episodes!


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Now come on, you cant post deals liek this when i'm skint.

Its the summer dammit :-(

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Lol, don't complain - I don't even have a TV to watch DVDs on atm! :-(

Haven't ordered it myself since it's old and I've never heard of it. Gonna do some reading up and decide.

This guy seems to know what he's talking about. Gets 7/10 on imdb, but only 13 votes !


Dai-Guard is a rare series, almost underground and virtually unknown … Dai-Guard is a rare series, almost underground and virtually unknown outside of Japan. Sure, it aired on Toonami's "Big Robot Week" (which is where it caught my attention, all those years ago), but other than that it has had little to no international exposure. Do a google search on it, and you'll find only a few pages worth of information - usually nothing more than character or plot summaries, nothing too in depth. Nothing like the tidal wave of character shrines from Naruto or Rurouni Kenshin, or fanclubs of Gundam or Evangelion.There's nothing.Which is a shame. This series is simply amazing; it really grows on you. It takes a different view on the archetypal mecha series that has characterized Japanese animation for decades - a view that is, in many ways, much more realistic. Not only do the characters have to worry about the monsters they're fighting, but they're forced (by lawsuits, an angry military, an overactive press, and the tenets of simple human morality) to take into account the actual surroundings of their battlefield. If it's in a city, the main goal is to prevent as much civilian property damage as possible; the first operation almost always involves safely evacuating the populace before a showdown.In this way, Dai-Guard is much deeper and realistic than Gundam, Evangelion, etc. While in those animes entire cities are reduced to rubble, with little to no consequence in the afterthought, the 21st Century Defense Corporation - the company that created, sponsors, and pilots Dai-Guard - is constantly under pressure to prevent as much unneeded damage or loss of life as possible. Dai-Guard takes into account the financial, economic, and social strains of unleashing a giant robot into one of the most densely packed countries in the world - and while this may sound boring, the series integrates it into the plot by mixing it with enough humor and vibrant characters that the viewer is still able to remain engaged.The only bad thing I'd have to point out is the shortness of the series - Dai-Guard is only a mere 26 episodes long. That, and the dubbed version. In comparison to other dubbed animes (most notoriously One Piece or Neon Genesis Evangelion, two animes that've been basically butchered by heavy editing), Dai-Guard does a fantastic job. The main character, Akagi, makes you laugh a LOT because of his quick humor; the voice actor, Joey Hood, does a really great job of making the character flow naturally. And this really extends to all (or at least most) of the other characters. Of course, the Japanese original oozes an unexplainable passion in the voice acting that has yet to been met by their American counterparts, but honestly this is one of the rare animes that has a really, really good dub.There are a few problems where too many people are talking at once, so if you really wanna hear what they're saying you gotta rewind to hear it. Yet the main thing is how some of the characters simply cant pronounce Japanese names; one of the characters, "Tanegawa"(Tah-neh-GA-wah), is pronounced "tuh-NEH-ga-wa", with the stress in the wrong spot. This is a constant with city names as well, which can really irk you; but other than that, the dubbing is pretty smooth.It's pretty funny too; the dub takes into consideration Western notions of humor. I've watched the Japanese version, and a lot of the jokes and puns in the English version are missing; not that that'd a bad thing, but just that the dub is a great way to make the anime more enjoyable, because the actors know how to relate to the audience.All in all, Dai-Guard was a great anime. I'd give it a 9.5, but I cant, so a 9 will settle. Really, check it out and spread the word; hopefully Dai-Guard will reach the States one day.



Is this a welsh version of Die Hard?

I want

But me poor :-(

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That review was a good read. Thanks!


I wantBut me poor :-(

Have you watched the series before?

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Bah, decided to order it. Not often you see a full 26 episode anime fall below the £20 mark in the UK.

I watched some of it when it was first fansubbed and its a good mecha anime if you like that type.

Animenewsnetwork has a pretty good review of it and rates it with a median of 6.6 out of 10 (good)

Not watched it before, but it looks good.

Gave up and just ordered it. Have to cut out the drinking a bit lol

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My order was posted today.

It'll probably just go on my shelf to gather dust with Heat Guy J.

Rofl your kidding on.....i aint opened that either :oops:

This one looks pants =(

It is pants :P saw it when it was first fansubed, im supprised ADV even licensed it, it's on my top (bottom?) 10 of the worst anime ever.... followed closely by "Piano" "Duel Masters" "GUN-dou Musashi" and "Hamtaro".

Then again, if you like S&M and other forms of self torcher i would recomend it.

I got the first eps of Hellsing Ultimate the other day... tis dery good yesh! (remake of the old one).
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