Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - from £12.99 per month

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - from £12.99 per month

Found 24th Jan 2007
Switch & save! Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Softlens and other lens wearers do it and save up to £250 per year!!

Your order is delivered free! Also includes a 4 day trial of your prescription lenses. If after the 4 day trial the lenses are not suitable you can return the unopened boxes for a full refund.

I've been using these for a few months and they are great, no problems and £25 cheaper than the ones I was getting from my Optician.

You do need a valid prescription to be able to order
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been using them for 6 months now...no problems

the only minor niggle is getting used to the strips of lenses as opposed to seperate packets......however i now actually prefer the strips and its less waste
I was the same when I first started using them but you quickly get used to the strips and as you say less waste!
sounds like a very good deal!
so you have to pay monthly for a year or something?
I dont use contacts much only for sports twice a week. so probably need a months supply for a year.

my girlfriend bought acuvue from some store online. very cheap but they end up being 4 weeks late. why? it was posted way from Singapore!
They are posted from Blantyre nr Glasgow. I always get them within 2 days of ordering, quite often the next day
i ordered @ 7.00 PM on Monday they arrived this morning (Wednesday)

you buy 3 months supply at once (or more)

the guy that set up the company invented daily disposables
My concern (as a professional in this field) is that if you are wearing, say Focus Dailies, they will send you their own "daysoft" lenses instead. Basically, they refit your eyes with new contact lenses without actually taking the time to make sure those lenses are suitable for your eyes, and certainly never having seen them in-situ. You trying them to see how they feel, is not the same as having them properly checked out.

Just a word of caution, you only get 1 pair (eyes that is, not lenses).
As a professional in the field I can understand your concern graybags. Previously I was wearing Focus Dailies, I can honestly say that I find the daysoft lenses a lot more comfortable and have no problems at all
everyone wearing these...needs to have a 12 month check up at an optician (cost will be about £15 - £20)
Don't get me wrong. I use a lot of Daysoft lenses in my practice (they're good value for money, and I can sell them at a lower price and still do better than I do with Focus Dailies). To begin with they produced a 70% water content lens that was widely uncomfortable, and certainly got mixed results. The newer lower water content lens (58%) has certainly given greater comfort - it was designed to be more comparable to Focus Dailies.
As an aside, it is remarkable to note that it is cheaper for me to buy Focus Dailies from Tesco or Asda than it is for me to buy them from the manufacturer (Ciba) - go figure!

everyone wearing these...needs to have a 12 month check up at an optician … everyone wearing these...needs to have a 12 month check up at an optician (cost will be about £15 - £20)

They won't despatch your order until they have checked the details of your prescription. However if you live in Scotland eye tests are FREE!
In Scotland eye examinations are free, but not contact lens checks or verification of contact lens prescriptions.
i'm confused is the £6.99 for 1 month per eye
It is indeed. The minimum you can order is 3 months supply
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