Dainty Doll make-up 1/3 off at Boots - £14.67

Dainty Doll make-up 1/3 off at Boots - £14.67

Found 26th Feb 2013
Dainty Doll make up all 1/3 off at Boots & on their website

Dainty Doll now that I've found you foundation usually £22 now £14.67
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Make up designed by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud.

Specially formulated for women with pale skin, with various items of make-up included from the dainty doll range
Was from 1.99 on fragrance direct
Yeah but only a few items & there was only 1 shade of the foundation, all the shades were in stock at Boots
sorry cold fragrance direct will b e repeating at 2 quid all items.
But there is not much choice in the items they sell. If they did my shade of foundation 002 light then fair enough, Boots has the cheapest price for that shade
Dainty doll range also on offer from a seller on Amazon. amazon.co.uk/s/r…031 Although they don't have your 002 shade there either. I went for the 003 and actually find it plenty pale so ordered more.( Just noticed that 003 out of stock from that seller now though but 004 still available @2.75) The 003 is slightly paler than the other foundations I use at the moment (Doublewear in shell/Lasting performance in Fair/ Clarins everlasting in 103)

Edit - Actually the seller on Amazon has a lot less stock than when I last looked yesterday! Hopefully someone might find something that suits though.
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Is this brand actually any good, other than just being a good match for pale skin?
I think so, it lasts a lot longer when applied & easy to blend.
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