Dairy box 360g was £4 @ one stop - £2

Dairy box 360g was £4 @ one stop - £2

Found 21st Feb 2017
One stop are doing a 360g box of dairy box chocolates for £2, these were £4.

Cheeky little Mother's Day topper gift.

This offer is for the 180g box, NOT the 360g box
- cainer1
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Same in Tesco Metro, Gladstone Place, E3
these boxes are 180g (20 sweets, says so on the front of the box) and have been this price in Tesco for ages,
the 360g boxes have 40 sweets

EDIT: scroll down on the offers page at One-Stop and it even shows that its a 180g box onestop.co.uk/off…php

Edited by: "cainer1" 21st Feb 2017
You need to change the title- still falsely advertising 360g for £2!!
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