Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bars only 30p  each @ Aldi

Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bars only 30p each @ Aldi

Found 11th Nov 2011
Just to let you all know if you hadn't seen before but Aldi do a cracking bar of chocolate for only 30p. The 100g for 30p. I know. Cheap! It's even cheaper than Lidl's 39p 100g bar.

Now this isn't even a special offer. But at this normal everyday price I had to spread the word.

It's a great creamy taste and perfect for kids and adults alike. Cadbury's equivalent 120g bar is £1.39 to give you an idea on cost.

I can highly recommend you put this on your shopping list for Aldi!!!
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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I do like a nice bar of choclate. Here's a link too Dairyfine 100g
Will give it a try next time I'm in. Thanks.
Oh blast you've reminded me that I have some of this in the cupboard and now have a taste for it. Bang goes the healthy eating!
Love the Aldi 'fake' packaging on some their own brand stuff, wonder how they get away with it sometimes !
Not available anymore recently. Only everyday essentials and 200gr chocolate.
Everyday essentials is the *exact* same chocolate as the old Aldi dairy fine . I eat all the time it's lovely
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