Dalek Voice-Changer helmet now £6.97 @ Sainsburys in-store

Dalek Voice-Changer helmet now £6.97 @ Sainsburys in-store

Found 23rd Feb 2010Made hot 23rd Feb 2010
Currently £25 at Amazon and on offer at half-price in Boots for £20 but Sainsburys in-store (in Haringey, London) for £6.97.

Exterminate, Exterminate! Now you can speak like a Dalek or play Dalek phrases and the exterminator sound effect using the three activation buttons of this Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Mask. Button 1: Dalek phrases. Button 2: Exterminator sound effect. Button 3: Dalek voice changer.
The Daleks are the Doctor's ultimate enemy. Their outer shell is battle armour, inside which lurks a hideous mutant from your worst nightmares. The race was genetically engineered to remove every single emotion--except hate. They despise all other living creatures and will exterminate anything and everything they come across, without exception!





ummm I just know I am wasting my time walking to my local store, who never have anything in that appears on here, but no doubt I will still look

great price-heat added-thanks

I waited for ages and got one of these for my little bro for a tenner just before christmas.

He doesn't really play with it but its worth a tenner to see a little kid walking about with that massive thing on their head shouting exterminate! Hillarious

I got this for my little brother. It scared him at first and he refuses to put it on his head. So I had lots of fun scaring him with it! :whistling:

Voted hot.

my kids are dr who mad. checked my local none in stock but Durham,middlesbrough and Washington have some in stock!!

These look really good - I bought one for myself and it looks great just perched on a shelf. Quality! Great price.
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