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Canon 7dmkii £848.01 @ Dale Photographic
Found 2nd Jul 2016Found 2nd Jul 2016
Been looking for a 7dmkii at a decent price. Saw the earlier thread on 5dmkiii and thought i would get that instead. Out of interest, searched the 7dmkii on same sight and accide… Read more

Press the expire button Have you received order or mis price


Blimey - must have got that by the seat of my pants..! Anyone advise how I expire this thread then. Would add picture to show I got this deal if I knew how to.


Price is £ 1149 on website. Good deal if you managed to get one for £848!

Canon EOS 5D MARK III Body  £1352.01  dale photographic
Found 1st Jul 2016Found 1st Jul 2016
Fantastic price from good retailer + 0% finance !





Thanks InkBlotTest for your interesting comments.


Did everyone's 5d order get cancelled for this ?


You seem to assume that the size of the print alone will hide the differences. That's not the case, particularly with a reasonably skilled photographer. The layman can definitely see the difference when a well-specified and onstensibly more expensive camera is used. If prints come out poorly, it may be a reflection of a poor quality printer, poor colour calibration between the camera/computer and the printer or it could be the sign of a photographer who doesn't make best use of their gear. If you use cheap camera to take a photo of a subject with its background a fair distance behind, you're unlikely to get a shallow enough depth of field to make the subject stand out - you probably won't have the manual control to control your aperture and the sensor will be so small that even with a wide aperture, your DoF won't be that prononced. With a high-end DSLR, of course depeneding on the lens, it's more likely that you can get a shallow DoF by virtue of the larger sensor and having manual control of your aperture. Especially with sports photography, a cheap camera may be able to capture that special moment but it requires much more preparation in terms of timing and in some cases, random chance acting in your favour but most of the time it's simply not consistent enough because of slower and less accurate autofocus and you usually only get one or two chances. A high-end DSLR will have vastly superior autofocus in terms of speed and accuracy, even more so with a good lens in front of the body. In sports where you're not close to the players, it's all well and good that the cheap camera may have an optical zoom but A) I reckon the zoom won't go very far and B) even if it did, the aperture would be so small that image quality will be severely compromised - ISO will almost certainly be pushed up to compensate for the lack of light, increasing the likelihood of noisy, grainy images. If you're talking about cheap camera with digital zoom, expect image quality to be worse. With a DSLR, you can buy lenses that reach far enough without image quality being sacrificed. If you're doing a panning shot with a slowish shutter speed to freeze the subject and create motion blur on the background, you probably won't have full manual or shutter priority on a cheap camera so getting the effect won't be as easy as on a high-end DSLR, even if the cheap camera's autofocus were quick enough. As you seem to have put it, the word "pros" is a clumsy abstract term that puts every professional photographer in a pigeonhole despite a lot of profesionals specialising in a particular genre. For example, a high street family portrait photographer probably won't use their photos the same way that a sports photographer will. I wouldn't say the internet itself killed the printing industry, I'd put that down more to how photography has become digitised as well as demand for instant news putting film photography at a disadvantage.

Canon EOS 6D DSLR Body Only (£819 after cashback) £1019.00 at Dale Photographic
Found 26th Dec 2015Found 26th Dec 2015
Canon EOS 6D with an additional £100 off normal price using Dale6D code and double (£200) cashback from Canon. No lenses as it's a body only, but most people who buy this camera… Read more

Just spotted that Dale Photographic are doing it for £1107 now I.e. £907 after cashback.


His John Lewis price match was over a year ago against SLR Hur. They are a grey importer so it wa just a spot of luck that someone at JL agreed to it. There is a long thread on here about it. At the moment I can't find anywhere selling below £1119, making the camera £919 after Canon's cashback. Be aware that Canon's cashback promotion ends on January 13th, after that there is a risk that the camera will cost more than £919. I bought mine from Currys a couple of days ago. The marked price was £1199 but I got them to price match John Lewis and then was able to use a work gift voucher scheme to make the purchase price £1045, £845 after cashback. I know that gift voucher schemes are not available to everyone, which is why I've not posted it as a deal.


What store did you price match with? I've been struggling to find a online deal that has a store too


Hi. What store have you asked JL to price match. JL turned down price match with Hdewcameras bec of return policy. Thanks


Doesn't look like it's still working. I'm gutted, I've been looking for months and was about to get it. Have you seen any similar prices?

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Leica M Typ 240 Silver and Black £500 off until 31st January £4299.00 @ dalephotographic
Found 24th Nov 2014Found 24th Nov 2014
Retail price £5,100 Dalephotographic discounted to £4,799 and then further instant £500 off (Leica promotion) to £4,299 (Also note £175 available off new lens) Available for sil… Read more

Seems to me there's a lot of jealousy/ignorance about, voting cold purely because they can't afford/don't understand a certain product. It's not about preferences, it's about the deal.


Hot from me. I can't afford one but if you are chasing perfection regardless of cost this is a runner. The comparison with Rolex is odious. A Rolex is pretty average in the basic function of telling time. It's really jewellery - not a watch. Whereas this is a camera par excellence.


Oh, I'd love a Leica. They're beautiful things, built with love. I'm just jealous of those who can legitimately spend £5000 on a camera, and probably twice that on lenses :) ... I just spent £260 on a lens for my EOS-M and I'm still smarting from that!


No, it's the photographic equivalent of a pocket watch (I mean a wind-up pocket watch!) Who on earth would use range finding (for instance) for manual focusing on a modern digital camera?


Heat from me too, I've got fed up lately with people telling me that HUKD is not about the product being the cheapest price but whether something else is better and while there is some merit in that, I still believe the main function here is about the best price for a product even if you think the product isn't for you. An example is Beats headphones automatically get voted cold unless they're so cheap then they go ballistically hot because they're so cheap. Or someone saying their Polaroid is better than this because it only costs £30 and also takes pictures like this does. Ergo morons.

Startmonkey - car battery jump starter - weighs 660g, one charge in 1 years  - 25% off @ dalephotographic
Found 24th Dec 2010Found 24th Dec 2010
THIS DEVICE COULD GET YOU GOING IN AN EMERGENCY WHEN YOUR BATTERY IS DEAD AND YOUR 200 MILES FROM HOME I use a powergorilla for my lap top that goes everywhere and charges everyth… Read more
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I liked your comment, just wanted the implied link


1. You are implying If I see a good deal - just buy it not post it - afterall, it doesn't mean anthing to me after purchase does it? 2. You apparently cannot post ebay items here as they are not proper shops and can be dodgy 3. Why "stand guard"- Great spirit. Why does an old man plant a tree seed knowing full well he'll never see its fruits? I watch my posts because I am a curious human being


Cheaper on Ebay at £95 inc postage and brand new.


Please DO NOT buy this Maplin kit for £19.99. It is complete rubbish and will not start your car (even a small car).


Good deal if it does what it says on the tin - I am a bit dubvious based on it's size. There are a lot of portable chargers on the market which are pretty big and most of them don't work very well. It doesn't say how long it takes, but who wants to wait around while this thing charges your battery so you can start your car when there are other cheaper, proven models, that have more power out there: http://www.tool-net.co.uk/p-333053/clarke-jump-start-4000.html I'd like to see it before I believe it... Good idea though.

Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC Macro Lens - Nikon for £149 + £10 p&p @ Dale Photographic Ltd,
Found 29th Jan 2010Found 29th Jan 2010
I found this cracking deal while looking for this lens. Unfortunately its for a Nikon fit and im after a canon fit but thought it was too good a deal not to post. It comes with a… Read more
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I got the same email :(


Just received this... Oh well, it was worth a shot :)


If the guy that looks after the website isnt in until Monday how the heck did they manage to remove it from their website today????? Somebody's trying to stitch us up me thinks:thinking:


I just got told that they did have some but they have all gone...I asked them to cancel my order and the guy said all the orders fro it are being cancelled. I kept trying to give him the order number to cancel mine but he said "someone else is doing it".....


You are most welcome. :thumbsup:

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