DALI Helicon 400 MK2 speakers (ex-demo, mint cond.). £2999.99 @ Exceptional-AV.co.uk

DALI Helicon 400 MK2 speakers (ex-demo, mint cond.). £2999.99 @ Exceptional-AV.co.uk

Found 21st Jul 2011
Never posted a deal before now!

Was just having a browse for seriously nice hi-fi gear which I totally can't afford at the moment and happened to stumble upon these.

VERY nice speakers and over a grand cheaper than the next best price I could find (around £4.5k). OK, they are kind of pricey, but they are also very high quality kit. If you are in any doubt as to how good they are, have a look at the review here - stereophile.com/flo…li/

Exceptional AV sell high quality stuff. Yes, these are ex-demo but if they say they are mint I would expect them to be as new.

Never know. Some hi-fi nut may be browsing this and bag a bargain!

I only wish I could afford them myself.

I await the influx of freezing votes ....
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Great. Ordered 3 pairs for my 7.1 system.
bargain,do they throw in free toaster??
WOW cracking first deal OP, obvious misprice though, ordered 2, hope they honour it, thanks.
are these wall mountable? as i need some for shed
hot from me ................ignore the tards with no money. (_;)
It's a third off people!!! Come on ..... http://images.zaazu.com/img/Frozen-frozen-freeze-winter-smiley-emoticon-000590-large.gif
I've bought 5 for my surround system .... I do hope they honour the mis-price.
I love any item that has a price that ends with lots of 9's
I think we are going to make a special award/badge for people who spot good deals on luxury and high-end goods. I haven't checked to see if these are good value or not but voting cold just because they are crazy expensive isn't smart.

I've bought 5 for my surround system .... I do hope they honour the … I've bought 5 for my surround system .... I do hope they honour the mis-price.

Thats original...
I can't afford them, however i can't find these speakers anywhere close to this price - therefore this deal is HOT - that's how the site works oO
If they are as good as the reviews and as much of a bargain as this.... hot!
also in poundland

also in poundland

How much are they?
Wow! Out of the blue and into the red.

I'm sure rich people love a bargain us much as us proles do.

How much are they?

Might be better off posting this on avforums. We appreciate things like this much more over there.




Needs more 9's.
much rather have these badboys

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Thats original...

I'll allow you to use the same comment if you wish to ... I do note that you have added nothing yourself - original, or otherwise ...
Good deal,at least £4.5k elsewhere
It's funny how people are saying it's a misprice and are saying how hot it is. It probably could be a good deal but that's a LOT of money to be splashed out on ANY speakers.
Voted hot too, bit too far for me to go and audition though. I'm waiting patiently for a deal on some B&W 602d to come up ex-demo.
They make a version called the "Lama"
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Holy crap Helicons for under 3k is sweet! I'm upto paying £600-£1000 for speakers these days every couple years but these are out of my league. I yearn for them and I vote hot
Do they come in Marmite flavour??
I am going to pretend i have more money than sense too.
These will be a good match for my linn sondeck and my quad11 kt66 driven valve amp.
Would somebody please do the Quidco post ... the suspense is killing me

It's a third off people!!! Come on .....

Well, it's not a third off their pricing exceptional-av.co.uk/ind…2yw that would be £1,333 whereas they're 'only' £1,000 off....

A sizeable chunk, yes, but I personally would be looking for a lot more discount on what effectively are second hand speakers. If I were in the market for such equipment, I wouldn't want to be paying more than £2K.


I'd rather a LP12 Sondek myself.
these are going to get very hot
Don't rate active linns tbh

Don't rate active linns tbh

take your point. the is beer can stains on the top of mine.
I hate comments where people write 'more money than sense' etc just because something is a lot of money. Some people will happily spend this on beer and fags in a year.... how weird is that??? Please don't vote something cold just because you aren't willing to pay that much for it. A bargain is still a bargain if its a big discount on its usual price.
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