Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old Whiskey (£120,000.00) @ Harrods
Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old Whiskey (£120,000.00) @ Harrods

Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old Whiskey (£120,000.00) @ Harrods

Buy forBuy forBuy for£120,000
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Nice Little Present For The OH This Valentines Day

Best Get Saving Up ! haha


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ahahhahhaah voted cold! Some people cant obviously take a joke

Goes well with Pepsi I believe

i will take 2

I'll take two bottles please.

tried it and it tastes like carp. lol

Anyone want to chip in? i will bring the shot glasses and a couple of cans of red bull

plus £5.95 delivery



i will take 2

As soon as I saw this listed on the front page ...I thought, let's open it up and see who the first numpty is to say the utterly tired and tedious line 'i'll take two'

Congratulations Micky64


I'll take two bottles please.

You are runner-up!


You are runner-up!

They can't have Two,there is Only One on offer

I must remember to bring my Harrods card with me...just imagine the points!


plus £5.95 delivery

Crazy, lol

I cant see them sending this by courier... can you?

Voted Cold! I much prefer my paint stripper Whisky from Lidl!


You are runner-up!

I'll take three, Bronze medal please. Lighten up

Cold from me - bottle number 3 is 20k cheaper at the Whisky Exchange, unless you really want bottle number 2.


nice bottle - I'd turn it into a lamp

Actually thats a not a bad deal.

I saw it advertised elsewhere for £125,000,00

Hold on, they both say it's the last remaining botlle... they can't both be right...!!

I got one for christmas...overated if you ask me!

It's a pity they only got 1 left... I needed 2

I'll wait for the LITRE size bottle !!!!!

Bought 2 at Morrisons for £20 less.

£4280 a shot!


£4280 a shot!

I'll take two!

i poured most of my last bottle down the sink didnt like it

Damn that VAT rise!

Anyone got a free delivery code...Just don't fancy paying £5.95 on top

This might be a bottle Mr Al-Fayed widdled in before he handed over the keys to the store..
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