Dalwhinnie 15 year old malt £17.50 @ Tesco instore

Dalwhinnie 15 year old malt £17.50 @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 19th Apr 2016
Was in Tesco in Whiteley and spotted a half price clearance deal for a 70cl bottle of Dalwhinnie 15 year old malt.
Seems like a pretty good deal for a single malt.
Maybe store specific ??? Maybe nationwide???
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Must be store specific as it's showing as £35 online - tesco.com/gro…951
I'd bet a kidney it's store specific, typical Tesco WGC. Well done for an awesome deal but I hold no hope of getting it myself.
same price in cheapside tesco London. probably discontinued and discounted nationwide.
all these whisky deals, Christmas must be coming
It's got to be one-off. That is a crazy price for Dalwhinnie 15 and it's definitely not being discontinued.
Some Tesco stores are updating their product lines. Last week my local was clearing Beer and Cider lines. Worth a wee gander when you are in but not worth travelling to for specific items hoping they are National deals.
Really easy drinking and excellent price . Drink it with a threat of room temp distilled water
Lovely whisky hot!
they had this in one of the stores in cambridge at the end of last week. foolishly up only one bottle leaving the other two on the shelf.
£35 at the store in Elephant & Castle in London.
As they only had one bottle I was quite hopeful, but my hopes were dashed!
£35 in my local tesco. But picked-up stolichanaya vodka at £13.
£17.50 in my local - Falmouth. Quite a few bottles left.
nice malt - hot
Nice whisky.
Could be worth trying Asda too. I saw it today in the Birkenhead store @ £20.
Heat for your find, OP
Bargain if you can find one !
good find
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