Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold Scotch Whisky - £25 @ Amazon

Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold Scotch Whisky - £25 @ Amazon

£25£38.9536%Amazon Deals
Found 4th Mar 2018
Seen it on offer before, but don’t recall it this low recently. £38.95 elsewhere online as far as I can see. Has good reviews. Direct from Amazon.
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Ordered! One of my favourites!
This is usually £25 somewhere and not worth £39.
Same price at Asda
Great whisky but often available at this price when on offer. So not realy that special an offer.
Another mass produced 3 year old malt hits the shelves to clear some barrels and make space for another attempt.
Age is irrelevant, the more important question is is this any good? Yes, it is. Also has good reviews - 4/5 masterofmalt & 4/5 whiskyexchange.
cjos6612 h, 43 m ago

This is usually £25 somewhere and not worth £39.

What he said. The same goes for the Cardhu Gold as well.
Its ok, but ive had my bottle in the freezer for nearly a year and still some left, so that probably says all that needs to be said of my opinion
£25 or less is pretty much the standard price for it on Amazon.


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Never had this, may be worth a try at this price
Personally I thought this was awful, wasn't too bad once frozen but straight out the bottle I could only compare it to dishwater, awful, especially in comparison to the Dalwhinnie 15yo which is one of the very best single malt's out there IMHO
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