Damaged D-Ablo stunt scooter £69.99 delivered from Netpricedirect

Damaged D-Ablo stunt scooter £69.99 delivered from Netpricedirect

Found 29th Aug 2013
*** Note - The product is not damaged/seconds etc., this is the manufacturer name. Daft name for a company! ***

Note 2 - Deal originally listed at £59.99 but they've bumped the price up by £10 since it was posted this morning (on their own website, Ebay & Amazon).

After my 7yo son developed a sudden obsession with stunt scooters, I was on the lookout for a decent-ish one that would replace his £15 folding one (an embarrassment, apparently!) and allow him to have at least some street cred whilst lasting more than a few months at the local skate park.

I quickly discounted the seemingly desirable Madd Gear Pro (MGP) stuff as they were all £100+ and I wasn't going to drop that on something that might be a fad to my son.

Having said that, he's only likely to be using this for a few years so I'd like to get one that might last until he outgrows the whole scene (age 10-12 I'm figuring).

Reading up on these scooters though it seems the things to have are:

- Metal core wheels
- Decent bearings (measured on the usual ABEC scale: 5 is OK, 7 is good, 9 is better)
- Decent, solid fork (no bent bits of steel)
- Compression fork fitting (more robust than screwed)
- Sealed or semi-sealed headset
- leaf spring brake, not a coil which will rust/break fairly quickly
- and the all important number of bolts on the collar clamp, with three being an absolute minimum to avoid being laughed at it seems!

A lot of the ones I was looking at in the £40-75 range (Zinc,Osprey, Razor, JD Bug) looked good at first glance but on closer inspection had very few of the traits listed above.

I happened across this one though which seems to tick a lot of boxes. It has a solid-looking fork, the metal wheels which seem to be one of the real defining lines between toys and the more serious scooter, proper brake, headset, fork fitting etc.

Full D-Ablo Spec (from damagedscooters.com/sco…rs/d-ablo/)

- 4.75” Wide 6061 Heat Treated Alloy Deck.
- Square ‘Block’ Toughened Steel Forks.
- Cro-Moly 4130 Y-Bars.
- High Speed Abec-9 Bearings.
- ICS Compression System.
- Semi-Sealed Integrated Headset.
- Quad Clamp with sleeved pinch bolts.
- 100mm Alloy 5-Spoke Wheels with Hi-Rebound Tires.
- Steel Flex Fender Brake.
- BMX Mushroom type flanged Grips.

If I was being picky I'd say the colour scheme could be a bit more, well...butch (that's just me though). Compare the close-ups of the design details to a Zinc or Razor at the same money though and I think you'll see the huge difference.

The manufacturer seems to be a relatively new UK startup but appears to be serious, having aspirations to be a pro supplier having retained riders to promote its goods etc. which none of the 'toy' makes would ever consider.

It appears to be the second-top model in the Damaged range with only the D-Volve above it which is a £199 RRP item.


The RRP of this D-Ablo would seem to be £159 and it is available at a few retailers for £120-150

Netpricedirect are selling it on Ebay and Amazon for much less than this though, about the same money as this deal but they charge delivery there. If you buy direct from them though they offer free next day delivery for order over £50. The product isn't easy to find on their website though as the search seems a bit wonky. The link should take you straight in though.

My son's arrives later today and all in I'm hoping this is a decent 'proper' stunt scooter that compares well on price with the lesser-spec'd ones commonly sold in The Entertainer, Argos etc. but it's all a bit much for an ageing dad suffering from extreme pester power to try and learn at very short notice!

Hopefully anyone else in the same situation might take some comfort and assistance from my journey
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Been there, I was given a list of cool things and none were must be strong and last more than a week, just things like it must not fold and must have a y bar...
I went for a JD bug, has been good so far and is still going, but compared to this, this is a better price and had more features.
Price has now gone up £10
Just ordered one, thanks OP...theyre £107.47 on amazon (i added to my basket when i saw the post so still got it for £59.99 if they honour it).

Hopefully anyone else in the same situation might take some comfort and … Hopefully anyone else in the same situation might take some comfort and assistance from my journey

I too have been put in the same situation by my 10 year old lad so have ordered this also. Hope your research pays off for us both juux!
Received this today and very happy with it. Looks great in the flesh, really solid construction.

Bit suspicious that they've bumped the price up by a tenner since I posted this though, the price was the same all last week when I was looking at it...
Thanks again for researching & sharing OP, saved me the time & effort and i appreciate it, i too ordered on the strength of your research. It is a bit cheeky putting up the price but its still a good price in comparison to other places. Oh and Ive just had a despatched email too :-) my daughter will be made up on her birthday as i said she couldn't have one cos they're too expensive! Thank You :-)
showing at £69.99 for me with free delivery on orders over £50

not that I want / need one - was just intreged by the title - damaged goods

My son placed an order for one at the higher price of £69.99 and it has just arrived and he is assembling it ready to take to skate park to test it out.

After seeing the price advertised on here yesterday i did email asking about the rise in price. Received a reply back stating that teh website initially displayed the wrong price and it was corrected as soon as noticed. That they couldnt possibly sell an item at a loss so therefore had to adjust it to the correct price of £69.99.

Like many have said it is still a decent saving in itself.
The scooter has arrived this morning and with minimal putting together it does look good, my son is very impressed with it. He's waiting for his mates to arrive back home so he can show it off...great deal OP!
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