Dambusters DVD digitally remastered.  Superb £5.99 @ Amazon

Dambusters DVD digitally remastered. Superb £5.99 @ Amazon

Found 10th Mar 2011
Remastered Dambusters film actually released last year. Save £10 at amazon.com with free delivery.

I can appreciate this may not be everyones cup of tea but great bit of history/nostalgia. Very well done as well the remastering is stuning and must have cost a fortune.

Oh and incase you were wondering, the dogs name has not been changed to "boy" like in some versions. I agree the word itself may be offensive if misused but its the dogs name and calling him "boy" changes a major historical event and is political correctness gone mad in my honest opinion. 1st post so please be kind.


It's the DVD thats £5.99, the blu is £8.99

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sorry, remastered DVD. Still a bargain. Be kind though please its my first post...........

Shame. Heard the blu-ray version of this has stunning picture quality.


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Not voting because I don't see why an ancient film should cost more than a fiver.

That aside doesn't the remastering highlight how dreadful the special effects are? Or have they actually created new effects?
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