Damnation £14.99 Delivered New for Xbox 360 & PS3 @ Grainger Games

Damnation £14.99 Delivered New for Xbox 360 & PS3 @ Grainger Games

Found 24th Aug 2009
Changing the landscape of shooters forever with a revolutionary blend of movement and combat in all three dimensions, Damnation is a non-stop test of reflexes, decision-making and action. Taking the shooter vertical, Damnation features massive streaming landscapes that set the stage for post-industrial battles between humanity and an unstoppable corporation in the wastelands known as Damnation. With the freedom to go anywhere and kill anyone to reach a goal, players create their own routes using vehicles, acrobatics and climbing to get around the huge maps.In Damnation, players take control of Captain Hamilton Rourke, a member of the guerrilla resistance force known as the Peacekeepers. A veteran of the Great War, Rourke has his own personal agenda in avenging the death of his fianc?


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Universally described as "awful" by critics...

Terrible game!
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