damnation ps3 game £11.99 @ Play
damnation ps3 game £11.99 @ Play

damnation ps3 game £11.99 @ Play

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ok game for the price not been out long


Brought this last week from play.com for £4.99 I think they are selling now at £7.99

bought it from Play also at £4.99... its truly TERRIBLE!!!!!

Luckily Blockbuster gave me £14 trade for the piece of trash.... deserves every panning it gets!!!!

didnt realise this game was that bad lolol

it depends wot you want from a game

i wouldn't care about the graphics beign so bad if the gameplay was anything but the broken mess it is...

enemies start running on the spot and don't react till you kill them... the death animations are FIVE screenshots (my wife noticed this one instantly).... bullets bounce off 'invisible walls' because the rounded tank is actually a square, just only half of it has the textures, the rest is and object.... during the shoddy bike scenes, the noise is loud or quiet, if you accelerate, the same noise happens, it jsut gets a little louder.... etc

ONE plus side if the game was rebuilt from scratch... the premise for the plot has the potential to be interesting, but the game is just too diabolical to let you see it through

Ha, I couldn't even get passed the bike bit.

Jumped on the bike for the first time, rode up the wall to get over the chasm bit, rounded a few corners and it did one of those "cinematic" jumps where the camera locked and the bike went off in the distance yet the camera stayed stuck whilst the bike went off screen.

So I was sat there for about 30sec until a reddish screen came up saying I was dead???
Hit retry from checkpoint and it just spawned me under the map and I was falling, it was pretty much all white but looked up and could see the vague bits of buildings etc... and the bike falling above me, then I died again! Seriously WTF?

Every time I hit retry it was the same thing, so I was glad to get rid of it.

Moral of the story, "Don't waste your money on this piece of trash"

For the record this is actually out of stock @ Play

It is a playtrader who is selling @ £11.99
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