Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol (hardback) - £5 @ Sainsbury's

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol (hardback) - £5 @ Sainsbury's

Found 19th Nov 2009Made hot 19th Nov 2009
Was in the Horsham store today and saw this, have had a quick search and can't find it on here, or anywhere cheaper on the net. Didn't seem store-specific, possibly a good Xmas deal?


Good price. Bad book. Trust me, it ain't very exciting and I write as someone who enjoyed his others. Glad I only paid a fiver for it from amazon on release day.

They've got a few copies at this price at norwich queens road too.

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I got it from Amazon for a fiver but still haven't read it...

I thought it was great so did my 14 year old son who read it then went on to read the other Dan Brown books so hot for me

Not exciting? I couldn't put it down.

Bargain price.

not a great book. its not as 'good' as the others. i've read worse - not bad for a fiver!

Worth a fiver :thumbsup:

Superb good - great read.

Heat and rep.

[COLOR="Blue"]the books amazing worth double the price atleast[/COLOR]

Is it the same as his other ones?

The one character that is beyond suspicion and without a motive is the one that did it?

If so I needn't bother reading it and saved a fiver

Has he learned to write yet?

bought myself a copy last night! couldnt believe the price seeing the RRP IS £18.99!!!! :w00t:

Great price just wish i hadnt bought this for a tenner already lol

Brilliant book !!! Great price!

I couldn't put this book down, highly recommended!

bought this today, great price


good price.

Anyone know if this is still available?
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