Dance Factory for PS2 - Dance to Your Own Music CD's - £21.22 Delivered After Quidco!!!

Dance Factory for PS2 - Dance to Your Own Music CD's - £21.22 Delivered After Quidco!!!

Found 8th Sep 2006
"The dance mat game that works on any music CD! Prepare to enter the Dance Factory- exclusively on Playstation 2 from September 1st.

Any music CD, any track- the ultimate dance game that generates dance moves from your own music CDs!

Set to really revolutionise the dance mat gaming phenomenon, Dance Factory is the worlds first dance mat game that enables players to personally choose the music tracks they want to groove to- from their own music CD collection!

This incredible innovation means that your dance gaming is no longer limited to titles with pre-set track lists or music genres.

Load up Dance Factory on Playstation 2, choose any music CD and watch as the game choreographs dance moves specifically for the track youve chosen- live! Then, take to the dance mat stage and get your feet moving as the dance steps play out on screen. As well as making the moves, Dance Factory will also create animated background visuals to match the beat and style of your chosen track and bring your routine alive.

Dance Factorys innovative beat recognition technology, developed exclusively for the title, ensures that for the first time a dance mat game can span across all music tastes; it works from everything to a classic disco track, to guitar rock, to R&B, to most current dance anthems.

In addition to the unique any CD concept, Dance Factory will unleash a whole load of different dance mat gaming modes like Endurance, Fitness, and Recorder. Plus, Dance Factory will also unlock digital music creatures that hide on each and every music CD and gets them dancing too!"


Cool, I've been waiting for this one!

Thanks CJ

There is a rumour that if a Virgin Credit Card is used, an extra 10% is deducted. If anyone happens to get this discount, please post.

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Just thought I'd add to this (I know it's an old post) but it's an excellent game for the Christmas party season.
I've just ordered this from as they've reduced the price overnight to just £15.99. That's now almost £15 if you go through Quidco (5%) - bargain when you consider most places are still selling it around £25
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