Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive - 16GB, £7.50 delivered by Eshop 365 (Amazon)
Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive - 16GB, £7.50 delivered by Eshop 365 (Amazon)

Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive - 16GB, £7.50 delivered by Eshop 365 (Amazon)

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Quality memory stick at less than 50p per gigabyte,

Currently £11.69 from 7dayshop

Blurb from the seller:-
- High Speed USB 2 Flash Memory Drive
- Capless design with easy smooth slide action
- Comes fully retail packed and is brand new
- 5 Year Warranty

Blurb from me:-
The Amazon advert states black/copper colour but the pic is black/silver. The 16GB ones are normally black/silver whilst the 32GB ones are black/copper colour.

My experience of these 16GB Dane-Elec drives (branded as Duracell) is very positive. Healthy write speed of 13.0MB/s blows away most of the other big name 'cheapy' ones such as many of the Kingston and HP offerings.
The design is very practical and robust: a nice big keyring/lanyard hole that will not easily wear away; capless means that you won't lose a flimsy little cap that covers the USB connector; the body of the drive slides from left to right to expose/cover the USB connector.
The only downside that I can see to this design is that the USB connector may be susceptible to picking up a bit of fluff if your pockets are prone to storing such filth!

I've ordered 4


Ordered thanks

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I forgot to say a few words about Dane-Elec:-
They're a big player in the memory game. They make memory products (SD cards, USB flash drives etc) for Proctor & Gamble under their Duracell brand. Proctor & Gamble are a huge company: think of brands such as Gillette, Braun, Oral-B, Wella, the list goes on and on. Proctor & Gamble are unlikely to licence their brands to a manufacturer that is not up to the job.
What this means to the consumer is that Dane-Elec produce high quality memory products which, in my experience, exceed the performance of many of the mainstream 'famous' manufacturers' products.
Don't let unfamiliarity with the name Dane-Elec dissuade you from looking into their products or buying them.

Capless design with easy smooth slide action (that's what she said).

Voted hot!

Got some of these as the Duracell branded ones, working from one right now and they're excellent. Strong enough to be thrown about in my bag all day which is good. Hot at this price.


I had a Dane-Elec 32GB that only reached 9.3MB read speed and had 3 spikes down to 0, bringing the average read speed down to 8.5MB. I returned it to 7dayshop and got a full refund, but I think I'll try a different brand next.

I'm looking at a Transcend which is a bit more expensive at £12.99 but it says Write Speed: 18MB/s, Read Speed: 32MB/s so I think it's worth it.

i have got the 4 gb one.....the are good but very slow and the usb bit gets dirty if you carry it in your handbag

Just had mine delivered.
These are still £7.50 unexpire.

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Yep, back for sale at £7.50
I've asked for this deal to be unexpired.


Unexpired - Thanks for the report

thanx ordered one

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Well, I've been testing mine today and..... what a load of pants!
Out of the 4 I bought I've had 3 very similar performance graphs from HD Tune and one that is noticably crappier.
With the 3 'good' ones I've got a write speed ranging from 0MB/s (YES ZERO!) to 11.9MB/s with an average of 0.8MB/s... surely this prog can't be right?
H2testw reports (on a 1GB test) write 4.17MB/s and read 15.7MB/s.
These figures are nowhere near the good performance I've got from my Duracell 16GB stick (Dane-Elec manufactured: 11.9MB/s write, 17.4MB/s read doing the same test). Have I got 4 from a dodgy batch, counterfeit memory?
Can anyone who has bought these through this deal state what sort of performance they're getting from theirs before I contact the seller with a few harsh words?

If these are as bad as they appear to be (I hope that the seller just lives next door to a nuclear power plant which has corrupted the flash drives) then I may as well retire from posting deals as this would appear to be one almighty bum steer!
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I have one of these, and it's so slow I tend not to use it. . . Not concerned with the Read speed as I am only streaming movies and TV shows to my media box with it, but when you're trying to put a couple of gig of media onto it before bedtime, its a real bind. If you are not bothered about waiting a while for it to write, then its a good deal. . . I wouldn't buy another one, its a snail compared to my Kingston and my Sandisk. . . Looking forward to seeing some good deals on USB 3.0 Sticks.
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