DangerMouse & Penfold Collectable Figures £14.99 Delivered @ Play.com
DangerMouse & Penfold Collectable Figures £14.99 Delivered @ Play.com

DangerMouse & Penfold Collectable Figures £14.99 Delivered @ Play.com

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Cheapest I could find elsewhere was about £25 + P&P.
I bought 2 different ones, both great but I like the car one best!
There are also a few others there at various prices..

Danger Mouse, the greatest secret agent in the world and his trusty sidekick Penfold are back!

Operating from a secret hideout in a London post box on the corner of Baker Street. Our hero's embark on numerous death-defying missions to save the world.

These missions usually result in foiling the plans of their arch enemy, the evil Baron Silas Greenback. He is assisted in his quest to take over the world by both his pet, Nero and by Stiletto, who is the Baron's henchman and a mechanic to his vast array of evil inventions, including the Frog's Head Flyer.

For the first time ever, this is your chance to own your favourite characters from the classic 80's TV show. These exclusive handcrafted resin figures have been reproduced in fantastic detail to commemorate the 25th anniversary of DangerMouse.... forever the world's greatest secret agent!

Danger Mouse

The Greatest Secret Agent in the world, A multi-talented hero mouse with an eye patch who was born halfway up Mount Everest; an instant prodigy, he completed the climb to the top when he was only a few hours old. DM was educated at Eton, then Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, the Sorbonne and W?mbery, picking up his B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., and Ph.D along the way. He knows several Martial Arts, and can speak virtually all known languages. Most likely to say "Good grief!" or "Penfold..shush.".


First name Ernest, is often thought to be a mole but is in fact a hamster. DM's faithful assistant who is in a constant state of confusion and panic, but come what may he will always be found at DangerMouse's side. His loyalty is only surpassed by his fear of having to face anything alone. His codename is "Jigsaw" - so-called because he always goes to pieces in a crisis. Most likely to say "Oh crikey! Oh crumbs!" or "Ooh, 'eck!".


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Not bad, but they have these in TK Maxx at the moment for £6.99


Yeah I got them all from tk maxx apart from 1

Funkin Cool As!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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