Danio Yoghurt 50p each! ASDA

Danio Yoghurt 50p each! ASDA

Found 12th Jan 2015
Danio is a super thick, super tasty strained yogurt with a hidden layer of delicious fruit compote. Not only is it 0% fat and low fat and high in protein, each of the six mouth-watering fruit flavours comes in a generous 150g single pot.

The secret behind danio's super thickness is that it's made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk than standard yogurts to make it amazingly thick and high in protein

The flavours I seen that were on offer were strawberry, peach, blueberry and cherry!

These are normally 85p each or 4 for £3 which makes them 75p each. Thought it was a good offer.


These are absolutely delicious! Asda did this a few weeks back then they went back to 4 for £3 but now they appear to have taken them off online. My local Asda didn't stock them anyway so I used to order online but since they stopped them online I'm having to get them from Tesco! Heat from me though because if your Asda stock them you are lucky as they really are delicious!

Heron Foods has them in 5 for a quid at the moment, fairly short dated but they didn't last the day in my house

It's the same in my house. There is no Heron Foods near me unfortunately otherwise I would clear the shelves lol.
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