Danny Boyle [3 DVD Box Set] - Sunshine / The Beach / 28 Days Later £3.95 (or £3.56 using Walkers code) @ Zavvi
Danny Boyle [3 DVD Box Set] - Sunshine / The Beach / 28 Days Later £3.95 (or £3.56 using Walkers code) @ Zavvi

Danny Boyle [3 DVD Box Set] - Sunshine / The Beach / 28 Days Later £3.95 (or £3.56 using Walkers code) @ Zavvi

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Thought this was a cracking good price for three Danny Boyle films and make sure you catch 127 Hours at the cinema - every review I've read just says it's fantastic.

Sunshine (2007): Fifty years from now, the sun is dying, and mankind is dying with it. Our last hope: a spaceship and a crew of eight men and women. They carry a device which will breathe new life into the star. But deep into their voyage, out of radio contact with Earth, their mission is starting to unravel. There is an accident, a fatal mistake, and a distress beacon from a spaceship that disappeared seven years earlier. Soon the crew is fighting not only for their lives, but their sanity.

The Beach (2000): Richard (DiCaprio), a young American backpacker, is willing to risk his life for just one thing: that mind-blowing rush you can only get from braving the ultimate adventure. But on a secret, deceptively perfect beach, Richard will discover that "heaven on earth" can instantly change into a jungle of seduction and danger.

28 Days Later (2002): In this film from director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland, a powerful virus is unleashed on the British public following a raid on a primate research facility by animal rights activists. Transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating within seconds, the virus locks those infected into a permanent state of murderous rage. Within 28 days the country is overwhelmed and a handful of survivors begin their attempts to salvage a future, little realising that the deadly virus is not the only thing that threatens them...

This is available at pb-dvd-usa on Gzoop for a few pence cheaper if you prefer (£3.82 - link in post below) but I don't know much about them and the Walkers code makes this a better price


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three good films - come in separate slimline cases inside a sleeve - bought this recently for about this price, but can't remember who through - play ??

Bought it! Heat added. Thanks.

Worth double this for Sunshine alone.

i LOVED 'Sunshine' and probably even more so 'The Beach' - (6.3/10 on IMDB, what the f**k is that all about?!). Will purchase this when my Xmas cheques come through. Thanks OP

P.S. Going to see '127 Hours' next week - can't wait!

sunshine is great, wouldnt mind watchin it if my mate hadnt stolen it,lol. heat added

Found Sunshine particularly average, tbh. Watchable certainly, but nothing special. I'd like to see these cheap on Blu...
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