Danny Lemon Power Washing Up Liquid, 1500ml, Instore At Poundland £1

Danny Lemon Power Washing Up Liquid, 1500ml, Instore At Poundland £1

Found 14th Sep 2014
Picked these two bumper 1500ml bottles of washing-up liquid at Poundland, Trongate, Glasgow, earlier. (£1 each).

Manufactured by "Rösch-Swiss".

Also in "Danny Orange Power" and pink-coloured "Sensitive" versions.
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This stuff is terrible... Don't bother
It really is terrible!!!
I've never seen these before anywhere. Normally I always buy antibac washing up liquid, I suppose the big bottle is big for a reason? I'll get round to using it eventually, just opened a new one the other night (Fairy).
I once got some from Morrisons, ended up just using it to clean paint brushes and the like!
That's the crap that T££££SCO palm off as a supposed brand name product.... Don't bother!!!!
might make good weed killer if you mix with salt and vinegar
Really really bad don't bother buying this
Gah, sounds like it's a dud. The only review I could find was this: "I am very disappointed in quality of liquid. There are no suds. Not a very good product even though a big bottle. I won't be buying it again. I will return to my original washing up liquid."codecheck.info/dro…pro

On MSE they mention "Danny" washing up liquid being sold in Morrisons (never noticed to be honest! Though I have bought Prudax Washing Powder from there and it's decent).
What are you all talking about? This product is flying off the shelves in Poundland. It is kind to hands and an effective grease remover. Therefore value for money . I bought 10 bottles. Do you people know how to wash dishes? It's not about making suds, Make sure you lot do the washing properly. Merry Xmas!
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