Dante 01 (DVD) £1 @ PoundLand
Dante 01 (DVD) £1 @ PoundLand

Dante 01 (DVD) £1 @ PoundLand

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If you're after an original, visually and audibly stunning Sci-Fi, you've come to the right place. In the vain of other recent Sci-Fi's, such as Eden Log, Sunshine and Chrysalis, Dante 01 is set in deep-space, and focuses on a group of 8 criminals in a spaceship, being illegally tested on by a small party of egotistical scientists.

Marc Caro, director -in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Jeunet- of Delicatessen and City Of Lost Children, in his first solo feature manages to accommodate more than enough in the way of dizzying special effects and stunningly detailed set-pieces. However, as Dante 01 flies ahead with all its beautifully intriguing images, you begin to loose hope of any defining plotlines.

...Not that this is a bad thing, of course. Furthermore, Dante 01's visual splendour is developed with Caro's unusually colourful lighting techniques and a fantastic make-up effects team- recalling one utterly horrific, superiorly graphic death scene (sizzling skin has never looked so realistic).

The film becomes increasingly more satisfying during the final half hour. Not meaning to spoil things for you, but there's a Sunshine-style twist that occurs, which is sure to exhilarate you and help you agree that Dante 01 is one of the finest and most original Sci-Fi's in ages. One to quietly recommended.


"Dante 01 is one of the finest and most original Sci-Fi's in ages"


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I was eyeing this up about a year ago in HMV but I didn't buy it cos it was £15. I had forgot about it until I saw it today.


In French, poor reviews.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0487928/


People liked sunshine!?


People liked sunshine!?

Actually, I did! The soundtrack was brilliant & the first half of the film was amazing...
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