DANZIG - On A Wicked Night (free mp3 of the day) @ Amazon

DANZIG - On A Wicked Night (free mp3 of the day) @ Amazon

Found 16th Jun 2010
Download Danzigs' new song On A Wicked Night for free today. On A Wicked Night is from Danzigs upcoming album Deth Red Sabaoth. He hasn't released an album in 6 years and I can't wait to hear it in full m/

(this is my 1st post so hope I've done it correctly)


It looks as though the submission is perfectly fine.

I can't say the song has grabbed me from the initial listen, but I'm still definitely going to have to check out Deth Red Sabaoth. After all, I've liked most of his albums, especially Danzig, Danzig II: Lucifuge and Danzig III: How the Gods Kill. They were exceptional.

I just wish (although I doubt it will ever happen) he would reform with The Misfits. They don't even have to release an album as a tour would more than keep me happy. I genuinely don't think they could top Walk Among Us or Static Age anyway because they were that good. Hell, even the songs they released on compilation albums such as Who Killed Marilyn? (although not technically a Misfits song), Where Eagles Dare, American Nightmare, Children in Heat, Halloween etc were incredible.

Yes, I'm rambling at nearly 3 in the morning.

Good post.

Says US only but downloaded fine through my UK account.

Good find although it's certainly not his best stuff as mentioned (Danzig II my favourite). But then they're not going ot put the best songs out for free anyway - lets hope it's a grower

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I agree it's not his best but it does grow on you. There's also The Revengeful which you can listen to here if you want or haven't yet heard it ]http//va…zig I don't mean to live in the past but I wish he'd get the original line up together again, Eerie, John and Chuck.....an unbeatable combination.
As for the Misfits, ramble on! Would love for them to reform but like you say I doubt it would happen, I'd die a happy woman if I ever did get to see them just once though, playing tv casualty, horror hotel, halloween, she, london dungeon.........

link looks dead now, think i missed it and it's ended
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