Dark Angel: Season 1 £9.99 @ play.com

Dark Angel: Season 1 £9.99 @ play.com

Found 21st Dec 2009
In a future of political, economic and moral collapse, a genetically enhanced superhuman prototype named Max (Jessica Alba) escapes from military confines and dwells amidst the decadent underground street life of post-pulse 'Seattle' to avoid government agents who want to bring her back into the fold...

The first instalment of the action/sci-fi TV series created by James Cameron!

Episodes comprise:

1. Pilot
2. Heat
3. Flushed
4. C.R.E.A.M.
5. 411 On The DL
6. Prodigy Terrorists
7. Cold Comfort
8. Blah Blah Woof Woof
9. Out
10. Red
11. Art Attack
12. Rising
13. The Kidz Are Aiight
14. Female Trouble
15. Haven
16. Shorties In Love
17. Pollo Loco
18. I And I Am A Camera
19. Hit A Sista Back
20. Meow
21. ...And Jesus Brought A Casserole

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Next closest price i can find is £13.28 @ amazon, others after that aren't even worth mentioning as they are way more expensive
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