Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for free on Steam

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for free on Steam

Found 26th Jan 2009
Get Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for free.
Simply go to this site - bgamer.pt - its the web site of a magazine that is giving this game away for free on the cover but you get the serial number online from them.
It's in portugese but look for the section titled C?IGOS in the list on the right of the site and click on the Dark Messiah link, you'll need to register with the site (what to put in each box is pretty clear) and once you're done you will get a serial code.
Open up Steam (or install it from steampowered.com/and under the games menu select activate product on Steam and drop in the serial number.
You should now have a full copy of the game registered to your Steam account.
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Direct link.
You don't need a valid email to get this.

Hot and Rep.
Wow, great find. Never turn down a free game. Costs £5.99 to purchase from steam.
The link (bgamer.pt) doesn't seem to be working for me. :?
not working for me either
It worked for me an hour ago. The game is now in my steam games list.
bgamer.pt not working for me either :-(
Maybe the server crashed, I can image it getting a large number of hits for this.
Site is backup, but the link in question now says:-

(Maintenance I think)
Rough Translation says it all... The BGamer No. 127 is to offer a game the Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. [LEFT] [/LEFT]Due to problems of traffic, if need the CD-Key to play Dark Messiah of Might & Magic in multiplayer will have to send an email to [EMAIL="bgamer@goody.pt"]bgamer@goody.pt.[/EMAIL] Do not forget to specify the username with which they are registered on our site.
expired I think
Will check later.:thumbsup:
According to Google translate the web page says:

"The content you are trying to watch has been discontinued!"

Looks like expired.

Edit: just noticed this deal was originally posted 6 months ago!
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