Dark Sector (Xbox 360) £4.70 @ The Hut + Quidco

Dark Sector (Xbox 360) £4.70 @ The Hut + Quidco

Found 13th Jan 2009Made hot 13th Jan 2009
Quidco 5%

£4.70 plus you may get a little more off via Quidco.

Just ordered mine, plus can't complain at a game delivered all for £4.26



Massively underrated game - i really enjoyed it and at the price you can't go wrong!


Thanks, nearly ordered it last night for £6.99! Voted hot. :thumbsup:

ordered for my brothers bday - heat and rep

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Thanks For Rep An Heat

nice find ! i am really enjoying this game

i would describe this game as having a gow feel to it .. so if you like gow this is right up your alley ...

Seems good, reviews range from 7-8 out of 10. At this price im just pick one up.

does this just come up as a blank page on the hut or is it just my ****** mac??

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Just your Mac or maybe browser could be just Safari use Mozilla if you can works on mine.

ok game, repetitive though. Worth under a fiver!

Nice Price. Heat + Rep Added

page opens fine on my mac through Safari

HOT! Was a good deal at 6.99 never mind this price!

Great price. Just ordered mine.:thumbsup:

Already have it but HOT price.

Just bought. Thanks for the heads up. H+R added

Cheers, ordered one for me and my mate.

Nice deal. I'll have me a piece of that :-D
Heat & rep added. Thanks gorskino10

People wanting to order i suggest you do it quick, avaliability shows up as 1-2 days on page but at checkout it shows 3-5 days.

this has been dropped within the last 2 hrs, voted hot

can't go wrong for a fiver

Thanks , another fiver blown ..... lol

i bought this last week off here for 6.99 on the shopto deal and i tell you what, its worth every penny its great. Ive got a large collection of games to be fair, but this one deffo slipped under the radar. Resi 4 / gears of war is the best way to describe this, but it fantastic

hot deal, decent game
at £4 it's a bargain

sweet, lets hope Royal Mail doesn't nick my game this time!

Ordered! HOT!!!

H & R added

great deal - you can get 7.40 cash for this at tradeyourstuff.co.uk when your done! fill your boots!

Thanks - Hot.
...and I even forgot to include the 10% off....

Gotta be worth a shot at that price.

Tempted to get this if it's as good as everyone said. Have to look at some reviews when I get home. Bargain price even if it's half good :-P

very good, ordered a copy. thanks!

Damn this forum, I still have 2 360 games in their cellophane, 4 XBLA titles untouched and Fallout 3 to work through :roll:

H&R added, didn't like the demo much but reviews were good so at this price ....

Excellent find.

As above i still have several games to plough through, but at this price i'd be stupid not to buy.


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Lol kismet110 i have 4 xbox 360 and 2 ps3 games in srinkrap and will have Blue Dragon and this game next week so thats 6 for xbox360 and 8 overall

Just bought one for 42.6 pds! thanks!

Nice find. I bought it for £8 and its almost half price now!! Heat.

Ha, just ordered it from shopto for £6.99, this is a cracking price though!


Just bought one for 42.6 pds! thanks!

You were ripped off :roll:

Cheers OP, ordered:thumbsup:

Great price, ordered, thanks.

2nd best game of 2008 after Gears of War 2. Thanks for the heads up.

Well spotted. At that price you realy can't go wrong. Thanks Much appreciated. Orderd and looking forward to playing it:thumbsup:
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