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Dark Souls 3 Xbox One / PS4 for £12 delivered @ Tesco Direct

Posted 30th Nov 2017

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Recently spotted at Tesco.

As fires fade, the world falls into ruin. Acclaimed developer

FromSoftware and Dark Souls creator and director, Hidetaka Miyazaki,

return with the highly anticipated Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One. Following

on from the critical hits Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, this is the

latest in the challenging action RPG series that has captivated players

since the first release. With its intense focus on large, challenging

bosses and atmospheric worlds, Dark Souls 3 promises to continue the

unique and distinct gameplay that has made the franchise so successful.

Discover new secrets

Dark Souls series is famous for its beautiful interconnected worlds and

incredible lore and story, and Dark Souls 3 is no different. With an

all-new world, Lothric, players will become immersed in a land of

mystery and darkness where the lords have left their posts and you must

arise as the Ashen one, destined to rekindle the flame and bring light

back to the land. Environments are even more detailed and atmospheric

than before, with varied landscapes and breathtaking vistas offering the

most visually impressive Dark Souls game to date.

Experience Lothric

the first Dark Souls entry on Xbox One, Dark Souls 3 takes full

advantage of the console's new hardware to deliver the most

technologically advanced FromSoftware game to date. With dynamic

lighting, high-resolution textures and enhanced particle effects, Dark

Souls 3 delivers spectacular levels of detail to bring this fantasy

world to life.

Refined combat
With all-new weapons and

abilities, Dark Souls 3 refines the intense and skill-based sword combat

that has made the franchise so popular with players looking for a

challenging, difficult role-playing experience. FromSoftware has refined

its combat, resulting in more precise movements when flanking and

attacking your enemies. Enemies now have more complex moves, which means

you must always be watching how your foes fight in order to defeat them

in combat.

Unique multiplayer
With its captivating world and

immersive combat, Dark Souls 3 features one of the most unique

multiplayer modes in gaming. Players have the ability to summon help to

their worlds, using the online connectivity of the Xbox One to call

other players to join in battle against the bosses that inhabit Lothric.

As well as this, players will be able to invade other players' worlds,

resulting in intense one-on-one fights that require skill and patience

to win.

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