Dark Souls Limited Edition (360) (Preowned) - £24.99 @ Grainger Games

Dark Souls Limited Edition (360) (Preowned) - £24.99 @ Grainger Games



Am I right in thinking the (much-needed) guide is a download code?
The guide is a download and the actual guide is normal price on ebay now at 14.99.

I bought the guide for a re-run as I love this game, the guide is really interesting and comprehensive. The game is brilliant and I would recommend it to action fans and rpg alike.

If you are really having trouble with it too there is a souls glitch so you can power level yourself. Not recommended by me but I am not one to moan, you'll have to remove the patches on the 360 and ps3 to do it but ifit makes the game more enjoyable for you than why not?
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