Dark Void £5.00 on ps3 and xbox 360 delivered or £4.25 with discount code @ Tesco
Dark Void £5.00 on ps3 and xbox 360 delivered or £4.25 with discount code @ Tesco

Dark Void £5.00 on ps3 and xbox 360 delivered or £4.25 with discount code @ Tesco

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Combining aerial combat with traditional third-person shooting, SEGAs Dark Void pits players against an alien race known only as the Watchers.

Taking the role of cargo pilot Will, players find themselves thrown through time and space into a parallel dimension oppressed by an all-powerful alien race. Joining forces with the remaining humans left alive, its up to Will to rise up against humanitys alien tormenters and make his way home. Mixing the cover-based combat of shooters such as Gears of War with air-based dogfights, Dark Void gives players a real sense of freedom during each battle. Utilizing Wills trusty jetpack attachment, players can dart across each level at incredible speeds, tearing through airborne assailants or shooting down distant enemies from afar.

Once safely on the ground, Dark Void adds its newfound sense of verticality into a more traditional third-person setup, allowing players to take cover as they attack enemies from above and below. Utilizing a number of context-based mini-games, players will be able to highjack UFOs mid-flight and mix both ground and airborne combat at will.

Dark Void takes the solid foundations of third-person shooters and adds healthy dose of vertical combat to proceedings, resulting in an action title with a far more creative combat edge.

Sci-Fi Action-Adventure combines aerial and on-foot combat for unparallel 3D third-person shooter experience
Gravity-defying vertical combat system where moving up is the only way to bring your enemies down
Unique grip system that allows the players to scale walls jumping from surface to surface or hijack UFO's while in mid-air
Explosive hover and rocket pack and special in-air moves allow players to fly with reckless abandon while performing hair-raising stunts
The Void - a mind-bending parallel world where an evil alien race called, "The Watchers" are waiting...
Mysterious thought-provoking storyline based on conspiracy theory and strange phenomenon


searching shows it as £10 PS3 & £29.97 360 yet £5 when you click on them

fingers crossed its not another cancelled order!

Seen it this price in store tonight, so I think it's genuine.
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