Dark Void (PS3) £3 Haze £5 instore at Tescos (May be store specific)

Dark Void (PS3) £3 Haze £5 instore at Tescos (May be store specific)

Found 26th May 2011
Saw Haze (PS3) and Dark Void (PS3) reduced to £5 and £3 respectively in the Tescos at Beaumont Leys Leicester.

Whilst this might be store specific it might be worth others checking at their locals as although Dark Void isn't brilliant I think it is worth £3. Haze I don't know about yet.

PS: There was 1 Dark Void there about 1 hour ago. Don't know if they have more.

Please don't vote cold just because it might be store specific. Just move on to another deal as after all I am just trying to let others know theres a deal if there is stock.


I'm voting hot even though store specific as it is still a deal if you get it, annoying when people vote cold because they can't get it,.like a spoilt.children.so.agree with you.

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Thank you. Nearly didn't bother posting because expected the cold voters to be out straight away.
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