Darkest dungeon £7.59 on GOG , DLC also on offer

Darkest dungeon £7.59 on GOG , DLC also on offer

Found 19th Apr
Currently 60% off on GOG if you like your games DRM free.
You also get "£0.50 OFF ANY FUTURE PURCHASE. You get free Wallet funds (our Fair Price Package) to offset the regional pricing."

They also have the DLC on offer as well for those interested,

It Is currenly on offer on steam for slightly less so it depends on which service you prefer.
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Random question about GOG in general, how do in game achievements work? Are there any?Are they collated anywhere? Or would tracking only be possible if the game has it in built?

I’m not one an achievement/trophy hunter but I do like picking out certain ones to go for and seeking them out - there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing them pop after a bit of hard work.
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