Darkest Dungeon (PC) turn-based tactical RPG game, cheap, works on low specs, with great reviews. £6.57 G2A.com

Darkest Dungeon (PC) turn-based tactical RPG game, cheap, works on low specs, with great reviews. £6.57 G2A.com

Found 1st Mar
Turn off shield icon before buying.

2 DLCs also available on the same site. Bundle (3 separate purchases) cost 16 pounds.

Personally as a fan of games like X-Com and Divinity / Wasteland I find this one awesome.
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This game will drive u mad !!
The harder the better. I was able to recreate one move for hours in Xcom just to make it almost perfect. So I am very patient.
Not a great price, unless it includes all the DLC
I don't see why anyone would feel safe shopping at G2A, they actually offer insurance at an extra cost... you know just in case that thing you buy happens to vanish from your possession in the future, you know how any other store charges for that, nope, wait, any legitimate store doesn't have to charge extra for for protection against purchases or accounts disappearing.
Imagine you're buying something in the physical world, G2A is like buying something from the back of a van and after you've handed them the money the "shop" then says to you, 'oh would you like to buy insurance against theft? you know just in case that thing you just bought from me were to er vanish for whatever reason within the next few months or years of you owning it, now we can't say for sure if this will happen, but a lot of our customers complain that the things we sell for one reason or another just seem to disappear, so we've had to charge extra for insurance against that...
what does the insurance do you ask.. well... er, something, we might do something if your purchase was stolen, I mean not stolen, this is all legit, I mean if it just happens to vanish, the insurance will help you...
I mean we wont definitely replace the items you had stolen, I mean reclaimed, but hey it says insurance in the title so that has to be good!'

that is essentially how G2A works as a website, the same applies to kinguin for sure.
I bought a game from G2A, I was sent a key for a different game, I complained and got a full refund and a free game, I did not pay for the insurance, but I paid with PayPal for peace of mind.

But the past few occasions buying from G2A have been fine...
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Whilst most have no problem with G2A and Kinguin, they've got a bad rep for some reason which involves stolen key's being sold. More than enough horror stories out there to prevent me using either site.
My G2A story. My first 4 games worked fine. Then I bought Guild Wars 2, £23 for my brothers birthday. I had also purchased insurance, for safety. The key didn't work. Went back to them and they asked me to contact the seller. After a week G2A returned my money. In euros, their own exchange rate and only able to withdraw after 30 days. The money were back in my PayPal account but because of the poor exchange rates and I guess some purchase fees I had £5 less than what I had originally paid for.
I've had no problems with Kinguin and G2A, just be sensible and buy from sellers with good reputation. Although, I didn't think this site let you post G2A deals ... glad that has changed.
Picked this up from Steam for about the same price (think it was either 6.00 or 7.99?) Great game though!
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