Darksiders for only £15.98! @ GAME

Darksiders for only £15.98! @ GAME

Found 24th Mar 2010Made hot 24th Mar 2010
Darksiders for PS3/XBOX 360 for only £15.98!


Very good find and very good deal. Welcome also.

great find for a first post. Missed out at Gamestation and Play, this will do nicely.

Put the price in the title to attract more attention :thumbsup:

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Cheers for the advice and the welcome!

Thanks for posting, ordered!

Thanks, heard this was a fun game so I have just ordered. 6% Quidco too


Excellent first post St N. Game's going to struggle shifting those £28 preowned copies now

Good game, just finished playing through it.

Great price but I really disliked the feel of the demo.

I enjoyed it, if you like hack n slash you will like this. Much better than Dantes Inferno IMHO.

Good game & great price - well worth £15.98.

Great deal, ordered!

wow traded this in last week for £30 at game,great price

Just ordered - plus had £5 on my reward card that i hadn't realised so only cost me just over a tenner - bargain! Cheers

crazy!!! that was quick, price gone down already??? but for how long lol

Awesome price. Going to be spending a lot of money at Game this week!! Now, the only questions is: am I going to have time to play them all, having just picked up Demon's Souls on import?!

thanks op just ordered one for my hubby. heat added.

Just ordered - demo was awesome once you got into it - had a very Zelda meets Dante's Inferno feel.

Heat and Rep - good fine!

Excellent game. A bit linear and unimpressive at first, but when it opens up it is amazing!

:thumbsup: bought this for my lads birthday next week, almost bought it at Tesco's at the weekend for £25, cheers :thumbsup:

many thanks OP

Any opinions on whether this will suit me (a God of War fan, but not a Zelda fan)

Hawt. Been after a good deal on this for ages now.

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