Darksiders for XBOX 360 from Play only £6.99 delivered

Darksiders for XBOX 360 from Play only £6.99 delivered

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As title. its got some great reviews. I think its only available for today tho so if you want it, get in quick. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else, HMV are selling it for close to if not exactly for ten pounds more!


Heat added well worth this price


hot great game.


Heat added. Almost went for this 3-4 weeks ago at £15, glad I held off. Don't forget 4% quidco (28p!!!!!) too.

Next best price afaik is Morrisons who had it for £10 so this claims the cheapest price!

Good game for this price. Would never have paid full price for it as it's a mish-mash of other games but I will say the best thing going for it was decent characters and setting.

Good game i take it?

Great price for a decent hack & slash.

v good price

I hope this is a good game as I've just ordered it as an extra Christmas prezzie for my step-son!
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nice find OP... lets hope we see the start of the xmas game price drops

Just ordered for son's stocking! Thanks !!

Bought it. Don't think it will drop any lower anytime soon.

Generally ok reviews on Metacritic: metacritic.com/gam…ers

Seems to be a bit of an easy-going button masher, but at this price mustn't grumble.

ordered thanks

It's very much a Zelda clone, with more emphasis on combat. A bit repetitive, but well worth a play for the atmosphere and art style alone.

Heat added. This game will surprise you when you play it. It's just so much better than you expect it to be.

Waiting for a price like this. Ordered, thanks.

"I hope this is a good game as I've just ordered it as an extra Christmas prezzie for my 12 year old step-son! "

I take it your going to give it to him Christmas 2013 then???

Not A direct dig at you Natz85 but more a rant in general regarding the purpose of ratings on games

Why do they even bother with age ratings on Games - when it seems nobody (most importantly the press) seem to take notice of them anyway.

classic example - ' I was applled at the level of violence in Call of Duty Balck ops when wathcing my 10 year old son playing online ' Yeah thats why its 18 rated - STOP ALLOWING YOUNG CHILDREN TO PLAY THEM, treat the rating the same as you would a movie, would you let young children watch the SAW movies? or even knowingly watch porngraphy - id hope not, yet when it comes to gaming (and full motion video has been in games since before the CD came out) the old fahioned stance that 'gaming is for children' seems to linger about, when in fact gaming grew up over a decade ago - but becuase parents and responsible peers refuse to acknowledge this (gaming has moved on from pong somewhat unless you have a wii ;-)) the entire industry risks over regulation just incase those who should never have seen or played the game are provided it.

Back on topic - great price for a decent game.

worth a punt at this price

seems a great price, thanks! How much can you get for selling this on?

Also will this come sealed?

Great game - one of my favourites of this gen. It's a more adult version of Zelda basically, with emphasis on combat.

Age ratings are bothered with because it gives the buyer an instant indication as to its content, not the recipient. Once the buyer is aware of this content, what they do with it is up to them, including allowing their children to play / watch it. I watched loads of 18-rated films when I was as young as 10 (probably even younger). My parents explained quite clearly that it wasn't real, and that it was just created as entertainment. It's personal preference for parents, but I think most parents are savvy enough to be aware of their child's ability to distinguish between what is real and what is not. If not, they could always educate them.

Swearing is a good example. A game gets some coarse language in it, and it gets a 15 rating, yet your child is probably in regular conversation with people who swear just as much, or maybe worse. They can't watch a film with sex in it, as it's an 18, but they only have to be 16 to go and have sex. Stoopid. Anyway, what I'm saying (in short) is: It's all about judgment.

goes into my basket at 14.99.....

Cheers ordered. Loved the demo, so for 6.99 its a bargain. Same price as 2 pints, and will last a lot longer!

Not available from Play anymore, but is from various playtraders


goes into my basket at 14.99.....

Indeed. Also displaying as £8.17. Random price, ahoy! Expired.


goes into my basket at 14.99.....

Ordered 2 mins ago and went through at £6.99

Hot price heat added. wish it was this price for PS3 tho

Maybe I got the last one

Damn, my brother wanted this as well

Ordered. Can't resist at that price. Still waiting for Fallout to drop a bit...

Original Poster

Its been taken off the day of the deal list aswell, ah well maybe it'll come back on. Mightve been because too many people were ordering so they had to jack up the price but anyhoo, well done to those who nabbed a copy. At 6.99, its worth it!

just to clarify what Fader209 said and also in response to Standi - the game is also £10 for the PS3 in Morrisons. I bought it a week or so ago, it's not bad but I'd still call it pretty average

Ratings are utter useless since the coming of the internet. Chances are, your kids will have seen much grosser and uglier things when they are 11 than you. Grow up and let them enjoy some violence. Remember when the South Park movie was in theatres and we had to pay a bloke to buy us tickets. We were watching it over and over again on the tellie and playing the videogames, but couldn't just see it in the theatre. Such a load of crap, just get rid of it all and let kids enjoy their share of violence, b00bies and loud mouths.

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If anyone's looking for another cheap game and one which is also meant to be as good but set in a different style, take a look: hotukdeals.com/dea…85/

If you still want it at a good price, £11.99 at Amazon.

****!! was joust about to get this!! great price for a good game!


If anyone's looking for another cheap game and one which is also meant to … If anyone's looking for another cheap game and one which is also meant to be as good but set in a different style, take a look: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dead-space-my-memory-on-xbox-360-de/797585/#post9801616

Dead Space is a much better game!

God damn, always miss deals I want at work.
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