Darksiders PS3 instore £10 @ Morrisons

Darksiders PS3 instore £10 @ Morrisons

Found 27th Aug 2010Made hot 8th Sep 2010
been to morrisons in and found Darksiders for ps3 marked as special purchase down to £10.


xbox 360 as well
had a few games for a tenna
bargain in my eyes

Actually very good. People whinged about it and it didn't get 90% reviews because it looks like a rip-off of God of War, but it's actually a lot closer to Zelda.

Certainly one of the better games this gen, well worth it at that price too.

Saw this in my Morrisons too so picked it up for the 360. Bargain!
They also have Bayonetta there for £10 which is a better game imo.
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