Darren Hobson Just For Free Kindle Edition

Darren Hobson Just For Free Kindle Edition

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Darren pens some nonsense and tries to get a free drink out of it. This book opens the gates to a world of prose, verses original and poetry so fresh like an English garden, in what will be regarded as this poets first real journey into the publishing world.

There is a mix of ideas in here that would suit anybody's tastes, a touch of supernatural, a couple of cats whiskers, two shakes of the dice and you have a meal of words that tickle your tastebuds.

What's that beer?
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reap what you sow.................
Gates of grammar where left behind.
Is this one of those like "Spring has sprung the grass is riz I wonder where da boidies is" ?
Darren Hobson, not Hobbs
#justsaying #dont be hating
"Self published". Those two words can strike fear and dread into the very hearts of all GCSE English teachers and scholars. Downloading this 34-page pamphlet is Hobbs', oops I mean Hobson's, choice.
Lol, no thanks
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