Das Boot: The Mini Series (DVD) - £5.95 @ Base
Das Boot: The Mini Series (DVD) - £5.95 @ Base

Das Boot: The Mini Series (DVD) - £5.95 @ Base

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This 282-minute version of Das Boot is the full-length TV series, originally shown in six parts but here edited into a seamless whole. Director Wolfgang Petersen has since graduated to mega-budget Hollywood productions (2004's Troy for example), but has never managed even to come close to this, his German-language masterpiece. Petersen and his sterling cast (including Jürgen Prochnow in his best role as the U-boat captain) went to great lengths to ensure that this claustrophobic depiction of life aboard the German sub U-97 while attacking British convoys in the Atlantic is thoroughly authentic and totally convincing. Even the set itself, which is a replica of a U-boat interior, had no false walls, so all camera angles are necessarily from within its horribly narrow, overcrowded and sweaty confines. The result is certainly the finest submarine drama ever made, and one of the most compelling depictions of the physical, psychological and emotional effects of warfare.

This mini-series is rather longer than the movie version, which is also available on DVD in a Director's Cut version. The differences are not in matters of plot, but in the pacing: everything here takes longer to happen, while the crew must sit around, bicker, swear and sweat it out--the agonising searching for action, the tension of the attack, the terrible stress of hiding from enemy destroyers. Everything unfolds as if in real time, which is the great advantage a TV production has over a movie (contrast, for example, Band of Brothers with Saving Private Ryan). This, therefore, is the definitive presentation of a World War II classic.

On the DVD: Das Boot is presented on two discs, with no breaks where the original TV episodes started and finished. The default language option is German with optional English subtitles. For those constitutionally allergic to subtitles there is also an alternative English-language dub, voiced by many of the original cast (including Prochnow). Sound is adequate stereo or Dolby 5.1, and the anamorphic widescreen is good for the murky green underwater shots. Unlike the theatrical version, though, there is no commentary.



Gotta say - this is worth every penny

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Gotta say - this is worth every penny

yeah this has to be one the most atmospheric DVD's ever.

Excellent mini series

This has to be the best war film out there!, makes me wanna play SH4

btw the synopsis is wrong, the U-Boat was U-96 not U-97

I need to get a life i know :P
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Gotta say - this is worth every penny

and its a good way to learn German swear words.....


This has to be the best war film out there!, makes me wanna play SH4

or SH3 with the Grey Wolves expansion....X)

Best watched in german with subtitles.. Brilliant Series and a great price... hot

U571 - isn't that about the enigma machine being snatched by the Yanks, who won the 1941(sic)-45 war?
Similarly, is this the one where the Germans won the war?

Yeah, impress your mates by pronouncing it "Dass Boat" - just like the Germans. Unless they did sail in a large boot.

thanks - another £5.95 I didn't need to spend!


Captain Corrigan would stand proud with this release!

Great drama series and best watched with subtitles as mentioned.

I was conned into watching this at my Uni cinema society, by my friend who neglected to tell me the length or the fact it was all in subtitles.

However I’m glad he didn’t tell me because I might have turned down the chance to watch one of the best war films ever on the big screen.

Simply put if you like war films, then buy this as it’s probably the best in its genre.

shame it's not out on Bluray yet.

This blows me away every time I watch it, brilliant, get it if you've not seen it

What a great buy.. I watched this with my dad when i was younger, loved it then, cant wait for a wet cold day, settling down to watch this in one go!!! HOT from me and thanks


It's pronounced like "board" but with a "t" instead of a "d"... or like "boat" but with a Welsh accent. I only say that because my wife cringes every time I try and say it.

It's starting to look a little dated in some of the scenes when they're on the surface out at sea, but still one of the best war films of all time.
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