Datawrite 2GB SD Card (Hi-Speed) -Now  just £17.69 delivered !!!

Datawrite 2GB SD Card (Hi-Speed) -Now just £17.69 delivered !!!

Found 4th Sep 2006
Datawrite 2GB SD Card (Hi-Speed) is just £17.69 delivered from

Cheapest price (probably) for a 2GB SD card

About: The SD Memory Card is a groundbreaking bridge media that's helping to pave the way for tomorrow's fully networked society. This tiny, easy-to-use card offers a host of powerful advantages. It links various kinds of digital equipment through its easy connectivity, that supports a host of application formats and does not require the use of a PC. Further, the SD Memory card has the broad interoperability and compatibility needed to ensure that its applications will continue to expand far into the future.


excellent edi.. :thumbsup:

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Thanks joggerspark

or Kingston 2gb for £17.99 (delivered) on (and take off 5% if you go fully through quidco):thumbsup:

& a 1gb version for £11.99

:thumbsup: mine is Kingston branded and includes delivery :-D

Another Amazon bargain They're throwing them out lately Thanks edi!

Oh Thanks Zoidy and effing & jeffing for the other two deal!

Great deal


This has now been reduced to just £17.70 delivered!!


Must wait for a 4GB!!!

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Thanks Cat for the price update

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Still around for £17.70...

[SIZE=2]AMazing price for a 2GB card![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Thanks for the reminder Gazbert![/SIZE]

hmmm... anyone know of any similar good deals for a mini SD card (with or without adapter)

My pleasure!

I managed to get a 2GB miniSD off e-bay, £21.37

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Apologies......unaware of that, won't happen again......

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[SIZE=2]Price now back to £17.69 delivered !!!![/SIZE]

thanks for the update edi , just ordered one

Just ordered one for a friend, went through Nectar e-stores to rack up a few Nectar points. Thanks Edi.

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Thanks guys

Also spotted a 2GB SD card for £17.99 from (not hi-speed, I think)
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