Datawrite SD Memory Card and USB Drive in One - 1GB £14.21, 2GB £24.55 - TINY!!!

Datawrite SD Memory Card and USB Drive in One - 1GB £14.21, 2GB £24.55 - TINY!!!

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Found 23rd Nov 2006
Datawrite SD Memory Card and USB Drive in One

A SD card and USB drive in one! You can use this in your camera/PDA/moble phone as a SD card, then take it out, clip off the bottom which acts as the lid and plug it into the USB drive on a PC or vice versa and read the data back.

Excellent for transferring data between your SD device and a PC. Use it in your SD compatible camera to take photos, then plug it into your PC to view them in full size with the minimum of fuss!

Size: 24mm wide x 33mm long and 2mm thick.

1GB £14.21 2GB £24.55
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Along with £1.99 delivery on £30+ orders…365 = :thumbsup:

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Hi, will this memory card work with a samsung d900 mobile phone?
Your phone takes the microSD (TransFlash), which is smaller than SD.
I've got a few of the Sandisk SD Plus cards, which I use as my memory stick; just lives in my Palm or camera. They are a bit slicker and faster (useful for Tomtom) than SVP's offering, but at that price should be worth a go.
It's clever, but I'd worry about the detachable bit coming off and getting stuck in my PDA!
Sorry duputy but Amazon Market Place seller links aren't allowed in the forum. Thanks for the info though

Welcome to HotUKDeals singhleeds and duputy is correct, these won't fit where a MicroSD card is required

Thanks for the original post schizoboy, the USB SD card is a great idea, although I did read a review of it getting stuck in some devices, when used as an SD card not USB.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated ;-) Thanks.
martint123 that was exactly my worry, that detachable end bit I would so lose.

Thats why I bought this:…316

Fits into a wallet credit card slot securely and is very small, about as thick as a nail and as long as my thimb and very thin.
I was wondering if this would work in my new Casio Exilim-EX-Z60 6MP Compact Digital Camera. As it would be real handy to upload straight to the computer.
I don't see why it wouldn't?
I have 2-3 minisd cards working in my sd adapter on my laptop and work in my pda.
But, if that bottom piece gets stuck in your SD card slot, big problems.

schizoboy, do you have one of these? If so, how secure is that small end fitting to the actual SD card part?

Nah I don't, im clumsey and know I am, why i went for the waferthin one, which sits safely in my wallet and people are still amazed at how ickle it is in their laptops ;-)
Poor value IMO.

Especially when you can buy a SanDisk Extreme III (Class 6) 4GB SD card for £18 that comes with a slinky card reader (anda pouch)..

hahaha @ digging up this ancient deal
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