Datel Drive Doctor for Nintendo Wii £16.99 Delivered

Datel Drive Doctor for Nintendo Wii £16.99 Delivered

Found 7th Aug 2007
Lowest price I've seen around and I'm not just talking in the UK here.

For anybody who doesn't know what this is, I don't want to go into too much detail here but read the item description below and do a couple of google searches and you'll find out soon enough, and unlike it's other 'contenders' on the market, this one is coming from a highly established Western brand.

Manufacturer's Description
It's the ultimate aid for the hardcore tinkerer and amateur programmer. With Drive Doctor for your Nintendo Wii, you can gain a unique insight into the under-the-bonnet operation of your console's drive memory.
With Drive Doctor in place, you can connect your Wii to your PC using a USB 2.0 cable (supplied). You can then review its innermost operations, watching the game software in action. You can even add data of your own, all from your PC. Drive Doctor's Memory and Command views give you a unique insight into the innermost workings of your Wii's disc drive memory, and even let you make on-the-fly adjustments. You can read status, write data, send control commands, report the drive status and more. By injecting your own code into the data stream, you can also create your own effects and experiment with modifying the program. It's fun!

Fitting Drive Doctor requires a little soldering, so make sure you have your precision soldering iron handy (not supplied). Full fitting instructions are included. It's a fairly simple task, requiring you to connect just five wires. After that, the unit just clips to the back of your console.
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It's around £20 + Delivery everywhere else.
voted warm, would get one but was put off about the bit that said soldering ( i know, im useless)
To be honest, the soldering on this would be easier than any other wii mod, it's 5 points 2 of which are pretty big and the wires are better quality, plus there is no chip to prep or tape down or anything, so you literally just join the 5 wires, reassemble and then put wiinja on it.
Just for those that don't know.......this will invalidate your warranty. :thumbsup:

Interesting article here .. looks pretty useless … Interesting article here .. looks pretty useless tbh.

I can assure you it's not useless if you know what you're doing.

I can assure you it's not useless if you know what you're doing.

Having already chipped a few myself I can assure you I do.
I know which I would prefer to put in my Wii.
Well I don't know really, you see with this thing at least you know the quality control will be better, plus the firmware is easily updatable, so although you can only use Wiinjav2 on it now, there are gonna be different ports soon, you can't exactly say that about a wiikey.

Basically you fit this thing and then you have complete control via external usb after that.

I didn't mean to sound condesending by the way it's just that I can't figure out how this could be considered useless.
Well I sold my own Wii a couple of days ago and am missing it already (was offered a price I couldn't refuse) so maybe I will order one and fit it just to see. :-)
Well one of the chief guys on one of the wii modding forums uses one on his own machine and he swears by it.

It looks like amazon have sold out of their current stock now anyway.

It looks like amazon have sold out of their current stock now anyway.

Well it did only say 1 in stock when I first looked at it this morning
They had a few last night, I grabbed one last night before I posted this thread.
I think what they mean by useless is that if you're going to openup your wii and solder it, you might as well get a real chip that boots discs. For less money.
This is a real chip that boot discs, thats the point.
Ooh, naughty, didn't expect that from Datel.
I don't think anyone did to be honest, and I don't think anybody expected Amazon UK to sell them either.

Bear in mind though that this was a company who a few years ago modified the code on the PS2 Action Replay so that it worked better with Raptor's NEO2 modchip.
That's some great text in the description to pretend that this is going to be used for anything else but copies, eh! Who do Datel think they're trying to kid?
They're dodgy really, they always were.

Legally, they've done nothing wrong though although it is a bit grey obviously, but it's advertised as being for the advanced user market, and they weren't the ones who ported Wiinja to it, apparently that was "someone else". ;-)
If anybody else wants one quickly by the way, they've got them over at [url][/url]
So does this still work after you've updated to the latest firmware?

The good thing about this mod too is that you can switch it off when you perform console updates, an option not available on my wiikey unfortunately.

My one of these was delivered today though so maybe I'll switch over to it at some point in the future.
Oops, question asked a couple of posts up
This voids your warranty so can't really the point of it based on the manufacturers description.
Based on the manufacturer's description this is for hardcore geeks, of course they knew what they were doing when they released it though and they obviously couldn't put it's true purpose on the packaging.

It's essentially an upgradable wiikit clone with easy disable functionality that sits externally to the unit and is easier to install.
So can the "chip" be disabled at any time by removing it?
How many solder points are there?
I still don't a clue what this thing does to your Wii.....
Oh, I see you can install this and use 'back-ups' of your original media, which you have in a safe place to prevent damage. I get it now.

So can the "chip" be disabled at any time by removing it?How many solder … So can the "chip" be disabled at any time by removing it?How many solder points are there?

Not by removing it, just by using a switch or simply removing the wiinja from the Doctor's extra firmware bank which will just mean that it reverts to the internal onboard one.

It's a 5 wire install.
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