Dates 10p Tesco in store Hanley

Dates 10p Tesco in store Hanley

Found 22nd Oct
Don’t know if national but great price for dates. Plenty on shelves


always got these at xmas when we were kids along with a hamper which my mum paid off through the year that was full of junk

they had them reduced a couple of weeks ago in the Tesco by me to 8p for the same pack

bbe date was 20th December 17

So are they In Date or Out of Date Dates? :-)

That’s cheap for a date, any takers.

(I’ll grab my jacket, not for the reason I’ve pulled).


Nice deal HOT

They were 6p in my local branch. Local clearances as they are only ever in stock for ramadan and they get cleared out after eid.

Do they have the 17th August? That's my favourite.

You almost bought a fortnight there OP.
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