Datz Music Lounge £69.99 @ Sainsburys

Datz Music Lounge £69.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 25th May 2009
Similar to the eBuyer deal, but £20 cheaper

Lets you download DRM free music @ 320kbps for 12 months

Quite alot of music available but there are some that aren't

Read into it what you will, just offering the item at a good price, I don't know how this works and won't buy it myself.

If you are reading this you know what it is, and know this is a good price for it

Thanks all

Same cost as 80 songs/8 Albums on iTunes

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Please Note: Not all tracks owned by EMI, Warner Music, Beggars and The Orchard are available You can only download one song at a time. i.e. Not an album in one go. Music that you download should be for your own personal use and must not be shared with or given or transferred to any third party or uploaded to any file sharing site or offered for resale or public transmission. Fair usage policy: Registered Music Lounge Users may download a reasonable and non-excessive number of tracks. Music obtained from Music Lounge may be used on personal media devices and may be burned to CD for your own personal use up to a maximum of five (5) times. All music tracks available from the Music Lounge are subject to change at any time and certain tracks may not always be available, may not be available at all or may be withdrawn from time to time. Certain newly-released tracks may not be available on the first day of release (digital or otherwise).

Not really 100% yours to keep if you cant make as many copies as you want...
and, one song at a time, is just time consuming. They should make it at least compatible with 64-bit windows too.
For the price its great, but product wise, a dissapointment.
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